Selection Guide  for GSM/GPS cRIO Modules

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S.E.A. Products for the CompactRIOTM-Plattform

S.E.A. Datentechnik develops products for use in CompactRIOTM and CompactDAQTM platforms by National Instruments.
These products enhance the CompactRIO and CompactDAQ platforms with special functionality and open up new applications for these platforms. 

The CompactRIO products include cRIO modules, graphical displays, mounting devices, as well as antennas and other accessories.

SEA Modules: Multifunction I/O, EnDat, BiSS, WLAN, Switch, GPS, 4G/3G, V2X, LIN, ARINC 429

If you require a special module for the CompactRIO platform, that is not available at present, don't hesitate to contact us.



Zertifizierte Module

Die CompactRIO-Module entsprechen den europäischen Standards . Die cRIO 3G Module sind zusätzlich FCC zertifiziert. 

Customized Modules

S.E.A. develops customized CompactRIO modules and applications. We would be glad to create your solution.