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View of a landscape with green areas and residential buildings, blue mobile phone mast and car. Colorful areas for mobile network expansion are shown.


Measurement of mobile networks


Your partner for the measurement of mobile networks

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The professional solution for mobile network coordinators, mobile network providers, consultants and service providers

Mobile radio measurement and analysis

From cities & municipalities to entire federal states and 5G campus networks

Colored areas for mapping a mobile phone survey on a tablet
Example map visualization of a mobile radio survey for municipalities, cities or entire counties

What is a mobile radio survey actually for?

Finding white spots in mobile communications coverage

Determining the availability of mobile network providers

Analyzing available technologies and bandwidths from 2G to 5G

Improving emergency management and availability

Qualified data basis for funding applications for grid expansion

Measuring broadband coverage to increase the attractiveness of a location or city for companies and investors

Increasing the attractiveness of a location, e.g. for clinic operators, tourist advertising or other services

Listing with colored bars and percentages of a mobile phone signal strength measurement
Legend of recorded mobile radio signal strengths of an indoor survey

Record and analyze signal strength

Mobile radio and WLAN coverage for cities, campus networks and countries

We offer the complete spectrum of hardware and software for recording and evaluating the mobile radio and Wi-Fi situation in cities and municipalities, for campus networks or entire countries. Our multi-channel systems simultaneously cover all mobile radio technologies from 2G, 3G, 4G to 5G and NB-IoT.

Indoor measurement

Signal strength measurement for mobile radio in buildings

The signal strength of the mobile phone measurement in the rooms is shown above a room plan with colored dots
Heat map of an indoor signal strength measurement for mobile communications in an office building
Case with measuring device for mobile radio measurements in open trunk
SEA 3714: mobile, compact and robust measuring device for measuring mobile communications

You are a mobile communications coordinator,
operate or set up campus networks or are a service provider in the mobile communications sector?

In any case, we are the right partner for you. We not only supply complete systems with measurement technology and software as a tool for your own measurements, but also carry out measurements for you using our own vehicles. Mobile systems are also available for measurements in buildings and properties, with which the indoor supply can be recorded in a qualified manner.

We measure for you
the mobile coverage of areas!

Individual measurement points can be aggregated and graphically displayed in the analysis for an area assessment. For example, inadequate coverage is visualized at a glance.

Map and pie chart showing the mobile phone coverage in the area
Map and pie chart showing the quality of mobile radio coverage in areas
Side view of blue car with S.E.A. logo

We measure for you!

With our team and our vehicles

By using our multi-channel measuring devices in our own vehicles, we can quickly and dynamically record the current mobile radio situation in areas, as we receive all networks, technologies and bands simultaneously.

SEA 3714C Drive Test System Device
SEA 3714C Drive Test System Device

How do we measure
and what do we use?

  • Multi-channel drive test systems for the parallel measurement of all mobile radio standards (2/3/4/5G as well as NB-IoT and LTE-M)
  • Multi-channel WLAN scanner for the detection of access points / hotspots in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz band
  • Detection systems for IIoT signals such as LTE-M or NB-IoT
  • Own vehicles and specialists for carrying out measurement runs or partner network
  • Own evaluation platform SpaceMaster for analysis and evaluation with map display and report generation

Mobile radio surveying for cities and municipalities

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