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Test benches
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In the product phases of development, validation and production, we support you in the implementation of your ideas or designs for test benches in the production environment or for measurement systems in development or validation.

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Benefit from our experience with test stands,
test, and measurement systems

Benefit from our experience with test stands, test, and measurement systems used in the product phases of development, validation, and production. The scalability, the use of standard tools in the software, our test framework TestMaster and the requirement-oriented selection of hardware components lead to your individual system and a success in your test, test bench or measurement task.
Our focus is on future topics in the transport sector, in applications of RF technology, chemistry, and special measurement tasks for all industries.

Solutions for various measurement technology application segments

Examples of realized solutions
  • Artistic illustration on the subject development

    Development Test Bench

    Our test systems for use in development meet your requirements for great flexibility, with the powerful hardware, high data rates and extensive evaluation options.

    Wind Tunnel Control System
  • Artistic illustration on the subject Validation

    Validation Test Bench

    With our solutions for validation, we provide standardized test procedures, but also meet the requirements for data acquisition and processing.

    V2X solutions
  • Artistic illustration on the subject Production

    Production Test Bench

    For production test systems or EOL testers, our solutions offer standardized workflows, mechanical integration and data integration with existing production lines and existing databases.

    Mobile test systems
  • Research vessel Polarstern and helicopter in the Arctic, symbolic measurement data arranged concentrically

    Test Bench for special measurement technology

    Here we can bring our entire diversity, flexibility and expertise to bear on your specific requirements, which may be scientific institutions or strategic development fields, for example.

    Research and development

Your Benefits

Everything from a single source

If you wish, you can get the entire system turnkey on site from a single source.

Overarching experience

Benefit from our broad knowledge gained from over 30 years of experience with test bench projects.


We bring your test stand up to date with the latest hardware and software technology.

Flexible and independent

We are flexible when it comes to the question of the right hardware and software.

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