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V2X, like other connected vehicle and GNSS technologies, is based on RF radio communication.

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Innovation and effective creation of test systems and measurement solutions is part of our genes. For over 25 years, we have successfully supported our customers with complete solutions for automated large and small test benches in close cooperation with our customers. This experience helps us to successfully create software, electronics, and test stand hardware for all industries. A S.E.A. focus is general wireless technology, mobile communications, connected car and IIoT applications.

  • Dr. Gerd Schmitz, managing director,
  • S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH
  • Our focus

    Our strength is to combine knowledge from the most diverse areas and disciplines
    and to create the perfect test systems and measurement solutions for our customers.

    • Listing of programming languages

      Software development

      Design, development, test and production of “embedded” software modules on FPGA, microcontrollers or linux-based operating systems

      Development and production
    • Measurement system


      Turnkey integration of mechanics, electrics, measurement technology and software for customer-specific test stands and test systems

      Development and production
    • Graphical representation of an electronic assembly

      Electronics production

      Design and manufacturing of electronic assemblies, PCBs in SMD technology up to component size 0201 for development samples or small batches

      Development and production
    • Mobile test system

      Hardware development

      Design and development of project-specific hardware for all required areas including electrical engineering, mechanics and measurement technology. The spectrum includes all applications from mobile systems to large installations with several control cabinets and extensive dimensions.

      Development and production


    Find out about our solutions, products and services for many industries and sectors.

    Services – What we do for you

    We develop test software, measuring devices as well as turnkey test systems,
    based on our own products as well as on the broad know-how of our engineers and developers.

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      Planning, development, implementation, manufacturing? With our broad industry and engineering expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of current technologies, we advise our customers with pinpoint accuracy to provide a high-quality, practical and implementable solution.

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      We offer individual support for our project customers by offering training, maintenance contracts, maintenance agreements and agreed response times.

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      OEM products

      For small series and prototypes we can support you with our expertise in individual development & manufacturing of complete systems including electronic assemblies & embedded software.

      OEM products
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      Development and manufacturing

      We develop, produce and deliver technical solutions for many areas of electronics, mechanics or even mechatronics, including all software components necessary for the operation of your test application.

      Development & manufacturing

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    S.E.A. main building Troisdorf
    Location of the company S.E.A. Datentechnik in Troisdorf

    About S.E.A. Datentechnik

    With us, you get solutions and products that you can’t buy ‘off the shelf’.

    Our focus is on customer satisfaction and cooperation with a high degree of transparency and fairness. Our principles of ethics and reliability are resulting in long-term and sustainable customer relationships.

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    What you can expect

    Cross-industry problem solutions for our customers worldwide

    We successfully support the variety of industries and the variance of project sizes of our customers with a flexible, agile and highly motivated team. We are proud to maintain long-standing customer relationships and to quickly win new customers as convinced partners in everyday project work. We support our global customers with an international partner network.

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    Your advantages with S.E.A. Datentechnik


    In addition to its own concepts and products, S.E.A. also offers customer-specific software and hardware solutions that are precisely agreed with the customer and adapted to the requirements.


    The continuous, systematic identification and analysis of the customer’s wishes, needs and expectations and their implementation in products, services and processes is our priority. We understand your requirements, advise and support you in every phase of the project.


    The maintenance of your software and hardware is important to us. But even more complex tasks are in good hands with us. We support you in all phases of your project. This also includes maintenance, service and repair, retrofit, obsolescence management. This is how we contribute to your success.

    Technical competence

    The capital of S.E.A. is an effective team with diverse engineering and scientific qualifications. The existing project experience and team quality is documented in an average company tenure of about 10 years.

    What our customers say

    The AWI research vessels have been equipped with a uniform DShip data acquisition and management system for several years. Our goal was to transfer this to the polar aircraft. To adapt to the much higher speed of an aircraft compared to a ship, the system had to become faster by a factor of 1000. Consequently, a pure software solution was no longer an option. The data acquisition part with the high-precision time synchronisation had to be transferred to newly developed hardware.

    The company S.E.A. understood how to take over this part and manage the necessary adaptation. It is in the nature of things that prototypes of this kind require additional modifications outside the specifications made at the beginning of the manufacturing process. S.E.A. accepted and implemented these in an extremely competent and uncomplicated manner. The entire manufacturing phase was cooperative and friendly. This also applies to the company’s ongoing service. In the meantime, the system has been expanded to include additional sensor technology for the two polar aircraft and a helicopter of the research icebreaker Polarstern has been equipped with the system.

  • Peter Gerchow, Mitarbeiter WTG Polarstern II,
  • AWI-Alfred-Wegener Institut
  • The long-standing partnership and reliable cooperation with S.E.A. enables us to always be ready for our customers and to remain pioneers in the field of automotive wind tunnel applications.

  • Herr Dr. Felix Wittmeier,
  • FKFS
  • The close cooperation with our partners S.E.A. and NI enables us to validate and verify our V2X devices corresponding to the expected high-quality level of Continental.
    The implementation of the V2X communication, RF-measurement and channel emulation for the 802.11p/DSRC and C-V2X on their software and hardware provide us access to the V2X technology and unique test features very early in the technology development.
    The SDR based communication implementation and cooperation with S.E.A. ensures that we are able to react to new requirements in short time.
    Overall the availability of V2X on the open NI platform enable us to be a leader in the V2X technology.

  • Ingolf Koch, Leiter der Abteilung Systemtest und Hardwareentwicklung,
  • Continental
  • Visit our latest webinars:

    V2X Automotive Connectivity Webinar Ankündigung, Aufsicht Straße mit autonomen Autos
    V2X Automotive Connectivity Webinar

    V2X Automotive Connectivity Webinar

    Accelerating Vehicle Safety:
    Unleashing the Potential of V2X Automotive Connectivity

    You could not attend live?

    Register here to view the webinar

    As the number of fatalities involving vehicles and vulnerable road users (VRUs) like pedestrians continues to rise, V2X plays a crucial role in improving vehicle safety; however, the implementation and testing of V2X technology pose significant challenges.

    During the webinar, you will gain invaluable insights into the ongoing efforts to go from standardization to validation of V2X technology:

    • Standardization initiatives involve key players such as automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, network operators, semiconductor companies, and device testers. These collaborative efforts aim to establish uniform protocols and guidelines for V2X implementation.
    • Validation is another critical aspect we will explore, focusing on 3GPP tests conducted at various levels. These tests encompass the physical level, V2X protocol level, and application level, including Day 1 Use Cases.

    Furthermore, we will discuss the additional benefits that 5G technology brings to V2X. The integration of 5G networks expands the capabilities and potential of V2X, enabling advanced applications and unlocking new opportunities for improved road safety. Join us to explore the cutting-edge advancements at S.E.A. in collaboration with NI, paving the path towards safer and more connected vehicles.

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