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Battery Pack and Electric car charging at a charging station.

Battery Test Benches –
High Voltage Battery Test Systems

Modular and scalable

Customized system solutions

Individually configurable battery test benches
and high-voltage test systems

For testing battery cells, modules and complex battery systems

Battery Test Bench and Electric car charging at a charging station

Battery test benches & systems
for development and production applications

The increasing use of electric drive systems in both the automotive industry and modern transportation requires the development of new high-performance energy storage systems.

S.E.A. battery test stands offer you

Comprehensive testing and analysis, to ensure optimal performance and safety

Battery pack ,Battery Test Bench and Electric car charging at a charging station

Performance parameters:

  • Power ranges: 10 to 180 kW,
  • Voltage range: up to 1,000 V
  • Test currents: up to 480 amps
  • High energy efficiency due to regenerative capability

Testing battery performance parameters

  • Charge and discharge with four-quadrant power supplies
  • Battery sensing for fast and accurate charge and discharge cycles

Cell quality and isolation testing

  • Short circuit detection
  • Measurement of leakage current and insulation measurement
  • High voltage isolation test up to 6 kV with automatic ground switching of all signal lines

Battery Management System (BMS) test

  • Support of wired and wireless interfaces: CAN bus, Modbus, I2C, Bluetooth, WLAN
  • Digital or analog signals
Close-up von einem battery management system

Battery Management System

Customized system solutions for whole battery pack testing including battery management electronics

  • Open interfaces for communication with the BMS to query the battery status, e.g. for charging cycles or cell voltages
  • Support of different standards: Bluetooth, WLAN
  • Support of different interfaces: CAN bus, Modbus, I2C
  • Digital or analog signals

Our preconfigured
Battery Test Systems and Test Benches

A preconfigured battery test bench enables efficient, precise and user-friendly battery testing, which can be beneficial in research and development as well as industrial production.

P280-200 Battery Test System

The P280-200 battery test system is a stand-alone system that can be used in both the development and production of battery modules and systems.

kompakter Batterieprüfstand P280-200 der Firma S.E.A. vor türkisen Testlabor Hintergrund

Feel free to contact us
about your special battery tester requirements.

Some of the preconfigured features

Measurement of any analog signals (analog IO)

Providing digital IO signals

Floating relay contacts

Temperature measurements

Insulation monitor test

Individual testing and interconnection of the battery modules

Communication with the DUT via CAN, Modbus, Bluetooth or WLAN

2D/3D barcode scanner / RFID reader / control label printer

Modular system hardware of the battery test benches

Configurable test sequences

with TestMaster test bench software

more about TestMaster

2 Monitors with TestMaster software for configurable test sequences for manual, guided or semi-automated battery pack tests.
Configurable test sequences for manual, guided or semi-automated tests.
Test Report mit TestMaster: unspezifisches Beispiel

Test Data Management Test Reporting

Free configurable test reports and certificate generation

Anschlusstechnik und Hochstromkabel Detailansicht eines Batterieprüfstands der Firma S.E.A.

High power matrix with power classes up to 1000 V / 500 A

The central power unit

Variable connection technology with high current and high voltage cables

For different battery systems and cable sets


Preconfigured battery test benches
offer advantages:


Time saving:
Due to the pre-configuration, all necessary settings and parameters are already prepared, which significantly reduces the setup time and accelerates the test operation.


Easy handling:
Preconfigured test stands are usually designed to be user-friendly and require less technical expertise to operate. This makes them easier to use by different employees.


Prior configuration and test runs ensure higher reliability and precision of the tests, as potential sources of errors can be identified and eliminated in advance.


Standardized testing:
Preconfigured test benches enable standardized test procedures that deliver reproducible results, ensuring comparability of tests across different time periods or locations.


Increased efficiency:
The predefined configuration minimizes human error and ensures a smooth test flow, resulting in overall higher efficiency in terms of time, resources, and costs.


Quick customization:
Preconfigured test stands can often be easily adapted to specific requirements or test conditions, allowing flexibility in performing different tests.


Prior configuration facilitates documentation of tests performed and results, which is important for quality assurance and reporting purposes.


Easy integration:
Preconfigured test stands can often be seamlessly integrated into existing test environments or processes.

Testing methods and standards

Which standards and test methods do you
do you need or want to implement?

Talk to us

Standards and test methods

IEC 62660 test procedures and acceptance criteria for secondary lithium cells in electric cars.

ISO 12405-4 Performance tests for Li-ion battery packs and systems

UN38.3 Transport of Li-ion batteries

UL 1974: Creating a Safe Second Life for EV Batteries

Service and Support for Your Battery Test Bench

Creation of a flexible and modular test system


Customer-oriented test system design
Delivery to site
Installation and commissioning on site
Service and training
Regular maintenance and calibration
  • TestMaster Logo

    TestMaster - the toolbox for your testing requirements

    TestMaster is a flexible software for all test benches. Configurable test bench control and test automation for real-time and HIL test systems, function tests, qualification tests, durability tests, software and hardware validations, production tests.

  • Battery test system software on monitor

    Integrierte Software – Leistungsfähig und zukunftssicher

    Voll- oder halbautomatischer Prüfbetrieb und die manuelle Bedienung zur Wartung und Einrichtung des Prüfsystems erfolgen unkompliziert über die kundenspezifisch konfigurierte TestMaster-Software. Die zukünftige Anpassung von Prüfabläufen und -berichten ist flexibel jederzeit durch den Betreiber möglich.

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    Our partner for demanding high-voltage contactors

    In our high-performance P480-1000 battery test system, we rely on high-voltage contactors from Schaltbau for switching the discharge and charging currents.


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