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Modules for the NI CompactRIO platform

Extend your NI CompactRIO platform with wireless communications, GNSS positioning/timing, digital precision positioning, and more.

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NI CompactRIO chassis with 8 slots containing S.E.A. 4G Communication module and GPS

What is CompactRIO?

CompactRIO is a modular, compact, robust and open measurement system from NI, consisting of a real-time computer and a chassis for holding function modules, the so-called cRIO modules. Depending on the model, the chassis can accommodate 4 or 8 cRIO modules and has an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). Further information on CompactRIO can be found on the NI website.

In addition to CompactRIO, there is also the NI CompactDAQ platform. This platform can only be used to a limited extent and only with specific S.E.A. modules.

What does S.E.A. offer for CompactRIO?

We offer so-called Third-Party cRIO modules. These provide various technologies and thus help to extend the platform with a variety of capabilities.

In addition to the already existing modules, we can develop modules on customer request.

cRIO modules with technologies such as mobile radio (4G), geo-positioning (GNSS), interfaces and busses or networking.
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Accessories: mobile radio/GNSS antennas, mounting devices, cables
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Graphical displays
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Module development according to customer requirements
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Custom application development based on the NI CompactRIO platform
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Feature Comparison for Mobile Communication/GNSS Modules

Do you want to find the right module for mobile communication / geo-positioning? This table can help you as a selection guide.

FeatureSEA 9406SEA 9744

Mobile Communication Standards


2G, 3G, 4G

GNSS Standards

GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou


GNSS Position Accuracy

0.2 m (w/ RTK) and 1.5 m CEP (w/o RTK)

2.5 m CEP

GNSS Corrections Support

Standard-RTCM Corrections via Network-RTK (NTRIP)


GNSS Update Rate

20 Hz

4 Hz

Fast GNSS-Fix-Time



Configurable Timepulse Signal



Extended Temperature Range



Integrated IMU-Sensor




new since 2022

worldwide use, excl. USA and Japan

Application example obervation of hurricanes with S.E.A. 4G/GPS Communication module
Application example obervation of hurricanes with S.E.A. 4G/GPS Communication module

What do

customers say?

We have 48 S.E.A. 4G modules that we use to transmit real-time data from portable weather stations that are deployed into severe thunderstorms and hurricanes for research and informative purposes. In particular, the hurricane application benefits both the public and private sectors as in many cases our weather observations are among the only observations available in the most impacted areas of hurricane landfalls. We are very satisfied with the 4G/GPS Communications modules we have received. They have been very reliable, work great and the support has been fantastic as well.

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  • Brian Hirth, Ph.D. Research Professor,
  • National Wind Institute, Texas Tech University
  • We use SEA 9811 ARINC 429 modules in two different products for testing fuel systems of aircrafts. Each product utilizes a NI CompactRIO platform, which in turn, hosts SEA 9811 modules. One platform uses 3 SEA 9811 modules, the other one is equipped with 1 SEA 9811 module.
    SEA 9811 ARINC 429 modules have proven themselves well in our application and the support has always been helpful.

  • Alejandro Moreno Martín, Development Engineer,
  • TEMAI Ingenieros, Spain
  • Typical Areas of Application

    Some examples for using our cRIO modules.

    SEA 9510 and SEA 9521 cRIO modules for digital position encoders of the EnDat, BiSS and SSI standards
    SEA 9811 cRIO module for ARINC-429 bus communication
    SEA 9719 cRIO module for V2X mobile communication in 802.11p networks
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    After installation, a selection of LabVIEW examples is available. You do not need any hardware for this. Only an NI LabVIEW development environment including corresponding software modules (Real-Time and FPGA) is required.

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