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Safety and reliability

As a provider of products and solutions for a wide range of tasks for authorities and organizations, we have been present throughout Germany and other European countries for many years. We develop solutions so that you can perform your tasks.

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Our highly specialized products have been successfully used by almost all authorities and organizations in our customer base for many years.
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    Authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS)

    Detection of mobile cellular data with map display; coverage analysis and comparison; detection of unauthorized mobile signals and access points; measurement of WLAN signals and IoT devices; specialized products for forensics.

  • Blue seats in a stadium during an event

    Security at events and activities

    Measurement systems and tools for determining available wireless carriers and infrastructure at major events and activities; verification of wireless coverage.

  • Artistic representation Communication network in nocturnal city

    Communication and infrastructure

    Measurement of the quality of available communications infrastructure; support of deployment and testing of cellular networks; technology for testing wireless sensor networks for critical infrastructure and communications.

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