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OEM Products


We make your ideas successful

For OEM products and solutions in small series and prototypes we are at your disposal with our expertise in individual development & manufacturing of complete systems including electronic assemblies & embedded software.

Benefit from our long experience in the realization of OEM special metrology products or OEM measurement software from a single source

  • To implement your product idea, we support you responsibly with our technical expertise, certified processes, tools and manufacturing capacity.
  • In close cooperation with you as a development partner, we check the product idea and feasibility also with regard to required standards and norms. Of course, economic aspects, maintenance and long-term availability are taken into account according to your specifications.We take over the definition, creation, manufacturing of the complete product in hardware and/or software.
  • In a long-term cooperation we ensure the maintenance and further development of software and hardware if required.
  • If you wish, we can also look after the end customers and support them in the use of your product. Integrated systems.

OEM Products and Solutions –
All this is possible

  • Graphical representation of an electronic assembly

    Electronic assemblies

    According to the determined requirements, we research measurement technology and electronic components and integrate them. If necessary, we develop electronic assemblies, optimize, qualify and manufacture them in-house in a controlled process.

  • pictogram for software and hardware embedded systems

    Integrated systems

    We design and coordinate with you on the mechanical design. The external manufacturing of the mechanics is done with proven external partners with whom we have a long-term cooperation. Electronic and mechanical components as well as embedded software are integrated and tested in-house.

  • Pictogram for embedded software programming

    Embedded software

    For the control of internal device processes, acquisition of measurement data and pre-processing of information, software is often used which functions independently in the device. Depending on the task, we offer embedded implementation in the form of microcontroller programming, Linux-based embedded software or Windows software as part of the product.

  • Pictogram for evaluation and OEM software

    Operating and evaluation software

    Software is often part of an integrated product or also an independent product for special tasks. Windows, Linux or Android (apps) support as operating environment. Depending on the task and requirements, we resort to a suitable programming language or our test platform TestMaster.

Additional services for our OEM customers

Controlled conitinuous improvements of software and hardware

Obsolescence management

In-house small batch production

System responsibility

From your idea to the product

Do you need a development and manufacturing partner for your idea or application?
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Selected OEM customer examples

OEM hardware and integrated systems

Global automotive manufacturer

Integrated system with operating and control software, special measurement and control technology for continuous optimization of mechanical production processes, based on internal models and FPGA control, customized embedded system

Global automotive manufacturer

Control system hardware for special test benches for testing autonomous vehicles with embedded system and FPGA

Global electric company

Transportable, integrated Windows system with operating and data acquisition interfaces, downstream testing and data management for performing guided maintenance processes on large installations with automatic measurements and report generation

Medium-sized service provider

Integrated microcontroller system with operating software, special measurement technology with radio interface, image processing – for uncomplicated, operated acquisition of sensor values

Mobile measuring systems

We are also happy to develop our test and inspection systems as mobile and robust measurement and analysis cases for complex and customer-specific measurement tasks. Ideal for maintenance, mobile commissioning on site at the customer’s premises or in harsh environments.

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OEM Software

Global automotive manufacturer

Operating and embedded software for test systems with embedded OS/FPGA and Linux computers for testing safety-critical equipment, based on S.E.A. TestMaster

Medium-sized special machine manufacturer

Windows software for operation and automatic control of complex special machines with configurable measurement technology and actuators, customer-specific configurable process sequences and data storage in development, validation and production, based on S.E.A. TestMaster

Medium-sized special systems manufacturer

Windows-based system for flexible control of different measuring devices and actuators for measuring and optimization tasks according to complex algorithms, image processing, based on S.E.A. TestMaster

Medium-sized special systems manufacturer

Windows-based control software for flexible control and monitoring of continuously operated systems in the energy sector, integrated database, connection to process control technology, distributed system, based on S.E.A. TestMaster

OEM software for professional process control

Customer solution for the company 4D Photonics

The WeldWatcher® software created by S.E.A. is based on TestMaster®, a flexible, modular software product created in LabVIEW for test and production systems in the industrial environment. TestMaster was configured and specifically extended in close cooperation with the application.
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