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Artistic illustration of a radio tower with concentric circles

Internet of Things


What are your challenges?

Do you develop applications for the Internet of Things?

Do you find that your sensors or radio technology have communication problems?

What is the current radio network quality and coverage, e.g. for modern sensor networks?

User groups & applications

  • Transport routes Fleet management

    Car and traffic

    Fleet management

  • IIoT smoke detector


    Alarm systems, smoke detectors, access control systems

  • Smart City

    Smart cities

    Transport & traffic, light management, parking systems, battery charging functions, car sharing

  • IIoT Distributionssysteme


    Preventive maintenance, goods flow management, distribution systems

pictogram of IIoT technologies

Capture, record and evaluate NB-IoT or LTE-M radio cell signals with the S.E.A. measuring devices

  • Determination of radio coverage and reception situation of different providers and technologies
  • Combined display of sensor data with geocoordinates on maps
  • Provider and cell statistics for comparative measurements
  • Determination of cell spreading and cell shape
  • Determination of reception quality at sensor mounting locations

What do you need for your own IIoT application?

Do not rely on market availability

For the simple connection of industrial sensors or signals, we offer standardized gateway modules. Based on this, we are also happy to create your communication product or a customized solution for you.

SEA 3910 IOT Gateway
SEA 3910 IOT Gateway

SEA 3910 IOT Gateway

  • LTE-M and NB-IoT data connectivity
  • Galvanically isolated analogue inputs 0-20/4-20mA/0-10V
  • Galvanically isolated digital inputs (IEC61131-2 type 3)
  • Galvanically isolated digital outputs (0-32 V, 0.5 A)
  • Serial interface/UART for external devices
  • Power supply 12-24VDC or also 5V DC via USB-C
  • SMA connector for rod antenna or remote magnetic base antenna
  • Simple top-hat rail mounting
  • Simple configuration via QR code

SpaceMaster® software for your IIoT solution

Fast realization of IIoT solutions on platform concept for your own solution.

  • Software for long-term acquisition, storage, and analysis of measurement and sensor data.
  • Powerful client/server solution with plugins for map-related display
  • Mixed display of live data and offline imported data
  • Client-side customization of calculations and derived values
  • Web-based dashboards for quick look display of trend and diagnostic data
monitor with Map display of sensor or plant locations and dashboard for quicklook evaluation
Above: Configuration of the calculation or customer scripts and plant tree with trend display. Below: Map display of sensor or plant locations and dashboard for quicklook evaluation.
Tablet with Space Master application
Tablet with Space Master application
Tablet with graphically displayed evaluation data
Dashboard for quick look evaluation
Tablet with diagram Space Master Screen

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