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Test stand automation for climate test stands

Example of a customer solution for the company DAIKIN Manufacturing Germany

of test stands

S.E.A. TestMaster®

DAKIN Manufacturing Germany relies on the TestMaster test stand software to automate its climate chambers.

The two companies have been working together for several years. S.E.A. has automated the climate test benches at Daikin Manufacturing Germany for development and testing with its standard test software TestMaster.

Außenwandansicht eines Einfamilienhauses mit einer Wärmepumpe an der Wand

Example of a customer solution for DAIKIN Manufacturing Germany

Automation of development test benches and modernization of existing test benches

Test stand automation for air conditioning technology

DAIKIN Manufacturing Germany, a specialist in innovative and environmentally friendly heating technology based in Güglingen, has been developing and producing heat pumps, air conditioning and ventilation systems for the German and European markets for more than 50 years. They have been part of the DAIKIN Group since 2008 and are among the leading manufacturers of heat pumps in Germany and Europe.

The EMEA Development Center, which develops innovative products for the entire DAIKIN Group, is located at the Güglingen site, along with the production facilities. DAIKIN Manufacturing Germany operates several test stands at the site for development and validation, which are used to thoroughly test and optimize the heat pumps for use in both cold winters and hot summers.

On behalf of DAIKIN Manufacturing Germany, S.E.A. has automated the existing and newly constructed climate chambers for the development of the devices with the TestMaster test stand software.

Screenshot of the Testmaster test stand automation software for a climate chamber used to test the components of heat pumps


The decision for TestMaster®

DAIKIN Manufacturing Germany decided in favor of TestMaster because the test stand software is hardware-independent and existing hardware components can continue to be used. This solution is future-proof because new hardware can be integrated quickly and easily at any time. This is particularly relevant in the context of the automation of a climate test stand as a customized customer solution.

The climate chambers simulate the climatic conditions to which the heat pump components will be exposed in later use. The climate chamber is used to simulate the outdoor environment in the temperature range from -30 to +50°C and the humidity is controlled. For sustainability reasons, the chambers are equipped with various heating and cooling technologies (free cooling, heat pumps, auxiliary heaters, etc.), which in turn are controlled and regulated with strategies for high energy efficiency in development.

Monitor with TestMaster climatic test stand software and Test Master logo

Control of different components

for air conditioning and heating of domestic water

In addition to air conditioning, modern systems also heat domestic water. It is conditioned with different temperature profiles and passes through different withdrawal programs.
The control of the various components, which is carried out via a wide range of interfaces, is realized via the hardware abstraction layer of the TestMaster software and enables a standardized user interface for the various test stands. Technical differences in the equipment between the chambers, e.g. due to different sensors and actuators, are also captured in the abstraction layer.

TestMaster is a powerful and flexible test software for a test system, a test stand or several systems

Advantages of TestMaster for the test engineer

When combined with the automation of a climate test stand, TestMaster offers a comprehensive solution that not only efficiently controls the hardware, but also optimizes data acquisition, processing and analysis. This helps to maximize the quality and accuracy of climate tests while keeping operating costs under control.


The test engineer’s primary concern is user-friendliness, i.e. the ability to independently adapt test procedures to requirements or new developments without any programming knowledge.

Flexible selection of hardware components

TestMaster has a hardware abstraction layer that allows the smooth integration of various hardware components without directly affecting the HMI (Human Machine Interface). This allows for subsequent component replacement or optimization without affecting the user experience.

Integration of databases and interfaces:

The software offers interfaces to databases and, via OPC-UA, to other controllers. This enables seamless data acquisition and processing, which is extremely important in a climate test stand to ensure accurate and reliable test results.

Flexible programming environments for additional modules

Additional modules can be integrated into different programming environments such as LabVIEW, C++, Java or Python. This flexibility allows customized solutions to be developed for specific test requirements.

“Perpetual” licenses

Software licenses are provided as permanent licenses (“perpetual licenses”), ensuring that a machine or system can be operated on a permanent basis without additional license costs or dependencies.

Updates and maintenance contracts

Software service with updates and maintenance contracts can of course still be concluded individually to ensure that the software is always up to date.

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