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WLAN network propagation

WLAN Scanner Solutions


black electronic device, WLAN scanner for WLAN measurement
SEA 3809E WLAN Scanner

SEA 3809E WLAN Scanner

Fast acquisition of WLAN signals

With the SEA 3809E WLAN scanner, a universal device is available to easily detect existing WLAN access points or the propagation of signals. For this purpose, the current GPS position is recorded together with the captured channel information and signal levels.
The highly sensitive RF sensors for the WLAN frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz reliably receive even very weak signal levels. The metadata of hidden networks such as access points, unknown WLAN devices such as smartphones or smart home devices are securely captured and recorded. Multiple RF sensors, which can be configured for different WLAN technologies and channels, thereby capture many signals simultaneously.

Symbol image WLAN network propagation

Typical application areas of the WLAN Scanner

  • Recording and capturing access points and metadata of connected devices
  • Range testing and surveying of terrains and buildings
  • Association of WLAN devices to WLAN access points
  • Recording of probe requests and WLAN beacons
  • Recording of PCAP data (WLAN only)
  • Reception of Bluetooth Classic/BLE metadata
  • Localization of WLAN access points
  • Monitoring tasks, e.g., in meeting rooms with alarm function

SEA 3809E WLAN Scanner- brief technical data overview

DesignationTechnologyNumber of sensorsStandards

RF sensors

WLAN 2,4/5 GHz
Wi-Fi 6E 2,4/5/6 GHz
Bluetooth 2,4 GHz


802.11 a, b, g, n, ac
802.11 a, b, g, n, ac, ax
BT 2.X BLE4.x

Power supply

12–24 VDC

GPS receiver/connector

internal GPS antenna/
external GPS connector (type MCX female)

Mobile modem


Internal SSD hard disk

64 GB


175 mm * 220 mm * 126 mm

Weight (without battery)

1780 g

Top view wlan scanner with SMA antenna sockets and connected patch antennas
Top view wlan scanner with SMA antenna sockets and connected patch antennas
  • Connectivity for external antennas
  • Omnidirectional patch antennas for optimal WLAN reception
  • Remote access via cellular modem
  • Additional connector for external GPS antenna
  • USB jacks for USB memory connection

Software for configuration and operation

The SEA 38xx WLAN Streaming Client software package is available for configuring the device and visualizing the data. This software enables real-time display of the acquired data. Additional software plugins extend the range of functions with further map and alarm functions.

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Tablet with view of software data in image and table form S.E.A. WLAN streaming client
WLAN Streaming Client Software Live View
Tablet with map display for an example: Graphical interpolation for the visualization of a WLAN access point
Example: Graphical interpolation for the visualization of a WLAN access point
Architectural floor plan of rooms showing WLAN network propagation
WLAN indoor map live view

Indoor detection

Indoor software plugin

An indoor software plugin (as of Q3/2023) is available for indoor recording to get an overview of WLAN coverage even in large properties such as shopping malls and airports.

Monitor with maps and table display of analysis and evaluation data from various access points captured by WLAN scanner
Display of different access points in map

Evaluation software SpaceMaster for WLAN evaluation

with extensive evaluation & analysis functions

For the evaluation of extensive measurement data, the SpaceMaster® evaluation platform is also available for management, visualization, and analysis.
The measurement data of the devices can be automatically transferred and read into the system via built-in mobile modems. Here, the recorded measurement data can not only be permanently stored, but also filtered according to any criteria, evaluated and displayed in maps. The acquired WLAN metadata can be visualized with extensive filters, e.g., according to radio standard, technology or also reception quality. Extensive evaluation, reporting, and export functions enable the targeted highlighting of radio cells or the visualization of intersections or overlapping areas.
The software supports the simultaneous visualization of classic mobile radio cells, WLAN access points or, e.g., Bluetooth beacons. Available mobile radio technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G are supported as well as the new standards 5G or applications in the NB-IoT and LTE-M band.


Learn more about the extensive analysis and evaluation capabilities of SpaceMaster.

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Map view with cellular and WLAN coverage plotted on a map captured by WLAN scanner
Example view: Mobile and WLAN coverage in one map

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