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Test System Software TestMaster®

Modular and Scalable Software Integration Platform

Test software

for your test system

TestMaster enables the realization of turnkey test stands for customer projects in all industries and applications at attractive prices and realization times, with the added value of long-term security for our customers.

Turnkey Test Systems

  • Dr. Gerd Schmitz, CEO,
  • S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH
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    Integration software for testing systems

    Systems realized with TestMaster® offer simple operation, high flexibility and performance.

    • Programming is largely replaced by configuration.
    • Extensive configuration options are available for the user.
    • Solutions are assembled from ready-made modules.
    • All components of the test system are operated and automated with TestMaster®.
    • If special applications require it, simple extension with LabVIEW is possible.
    • Do you need powerful and flexible testing software for one test system, one test bench or multiple systems?
    • Are you a manufacturer of special products and need a future-proof and user-friendly software as part of your product?

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    Customer Specific Software Development

    You answered all questions with, “No”?

    You need custom software developed especially for you?
    We are also your partner for the development of a specific software.

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    Application areas

    Complexity reduced to your application

    Control, operate and automate your test system, test stand or test center with TestMaster software.


    Validation and verification

    Endurance testing and qualification

    Production testing (end-of-line)

    Quality assurance

    Special machines and special metrology operating software

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    Key features

    The TestMaster product development follows the guidelines

    • Practice-oriented tool for test system automation and control
    • Independence from the hardware used (hardware abstraction)
    • Configure instead of program
    • Reuse instead of creating from scratch
    • Performance through optimized, modular function modules
    • Extensibility and flexibility through clear interfaces
    • Integrability with open data structures

    Customer benefits

    Complexity reduced to your application

    The implementation of testing system software with the TestMaster software platform offers the following advantages over individual software.
    Now and for the future!

    Cost efficiency

    Fast availability

    Realization risk






    TestMaster Features

    What are your objectives ?

    Are these objectives on your list of requirements for a test bench software? TestMaster meets them all!TestMaster

    Is your core task to perform tests and not to maintain software?

    Are you looking for permanently maintained, flexible software?

    Would you like to be able to change the configuration, test sequences, and actions yourself without needing a software programmer?

    Would you like to reduce the training effort and operate different test systems with the same software?

    Are different user levels required for the safe operation of your system?

    Do you use the same test system for different DUTs, tests, and tasks?

    Will the requirements for your test system change in the future?

    Should a test system with many different components be operated and automated with one software?

    Do you operate several test stands that you want to monitor and coordinate centrally?

    Is your test technology required with special instruments and methods to be used in an automated sequence?

    Is interactive access to all test stand signals from a clear user interface helpful?

    Do you have fully automated or partially automated tests with operator actions?

    Is traceability of the tests required?

    Are you looking for powerful and flexible operation and control software as part of your product?

    TestMaster Features

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