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Agricultural machinery

Special requirements of a high-tech sector

The large range of machines used for harvesting, soil cultivation and sowing as well as the demands for robustness, fast, precise work in continuous use require high quality and state-of-the-art technology. S.E.A. has been a test stand and measurement technology developer for this high-tech pioneering industry for many years.

Agricultural machinery

Development test stands, test centers, special test systems, endurance test stands

Certifications: ISO 9001

  • Agricultural machine with seeding attachment

    Test stand for farm implements

    Are you a manufacturer of agricultural implements? Do you need component test systems? We create test solutions for you in development and production.

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  • Just a test

    Production test stand

    Production test stand for endurance or performance tests. Our systems record operating data, control the test sequence or run the driving profile, for example. Ask us about modular test software and suitable electrical measurement and test solutions for mechanical or electrical components in the environment of agricultural machinery.

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  • Aerial view with agricultural machine on a field

    Endurance test stand

    Endurance testing of components and entire machines with endurance simulation of real-life situations. Load tests and acquisition and analysis of performance parameters.

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  • Test center with distributed test cells

    Test centers

    Platform-based software and hardware solutions for distributed and networked test stands. Superordinated organization of test procedures. Monitoring and management of error and alarm states as well as visualization and signaling of general status and operating states.

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