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We advise you

Where are you in your project right now?

Planning, development, implementation, manufacturing?

We are at your side!

With our broad industry and engineering expertise and in-depth knowledge of current technologies, we advise our customers precisely to provide a high-quality, practical and implementable solution.

We enter your project at the point,
where you need us!

We offer you the complete project execution chain with all phases from a single source.

Consulting at different project stages

Our consulting services

Our experienced specialists from the various departments advise you in all phases of project execution.

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    Project management plan

    For larger projects, we also create a customized project management plan that defines the contact persons, tasks, milestones and acceptance steps and coordinates them with the client.

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    We support you in all steps of project definition, requirements specification and identification of implementation goals. In the run-up, we can work out the goals together through direct interaction, e.g. in the context of a workshop.

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    During the requirements specification phase we support you in all aspects of planning, definition and implementation and create all necessary design documents – depending on the criticality of the application also in different levels of detail.

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    Development and integration

    Development of the necessary individual components in hardware and software, coordination of the development teams for integration into the overall system with all associated work.

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    Maintenance and support

    We also accompany you after completion of the development project over the entire service life with hardware and software service and, if desired, obsolescence management.

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    Quality management

    For quality assurance, we provide established quality management throughout all project phases to ensure that processes are run correctly and errors are detected at an early stage.

In the field of software development, we can alternatively accompany the agile development model, e.g. to achieve fast results for a “proof of concept”.
In addition to pure engineering services, we also provide the necessary infrastructure and tools for project support, e.g. version management and error and task management systems.


“Sit back and let us help you.”