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Our Competence


The ability and skill to solve problems in the stated areas and the willingness to do so.


The capital of S.E.A. is an effective team with diverse engineering and scientific education. The existing project experience and team quality is documented by an average company membership of about 10 years.

This solid basis enables us to quickly grasp your tasks and to work out suitable professional solutions.
The high variety and the exciting tasks of our customers is the “cherry on the cake” and inner motivation for us. The work always remains exciting and makes you want to take on more challenges.


The existing team competence is complemented by established, certified process flows and a modern infrastructure for the various areas for the efficient implementation of your task.

  • Pictogram with programming languages

    Software development

    Design, development, test, and production of "embedded" software modules on FPGA, microcontrollers or also Linux-based operating systems

  • Measurement system


    Turnkey integration of mechanics, electrics, measurement technology and software for customer-specific test benches and test systems.

  • Drawing of an electronics assembly

    Electronics Manufacturing

    Design and manufacture of electronic assemblies, PCBs in SMD technology up to component size 0201 for development samples or small batches

  • Mobile measuring system

    Hardware development

    Design and development of project-specific hardware for all required areas including electrical engineering, mechanics and measurement technology. The spectrum includes all applications from mobile system to large installations with several control cabinets and extensive dimensions.

Cross-industry solutions for our customers

– selected examples –

We successfully support the industry diversity and the variance in project sizes of our customers with a flexible, agile and highly motivated team. We are proud to maintain long-standing customer relationships and to quickly win new customers as convinced partners in everyday project work.

  • DLR Rosetta Philae Lander artist view

    Space missions such as Rosetta Lander and Mascot

    S.E.A. develops and builds space systems for satellite integration, testing, and mission support—ranging from standard electrical equipment for ground support equipment (EGSE) to complete hardware and software platforms for the ground control center.

  • Sports car in a Toyota Motorsport wind tunnel

    Wind tunnel control systems for OEMs and research institutions

    Our customers in this sector include, for example, FKFS and Toyota Gonzo Alberto Razing. The wind tunnel control system WTCS - Wind Tunnel Control System serves as a tool for the complete automation and consolidation of all trades, signals, and tasks related to the control of a wind tunnel.

    Wind Tunnel Control System – WTCS
  • Ariane Vulcain2 engine test stand

    Ariane drive unit test stands- DLR

    S.E.A. is an established supplier for the laboratory area, integration, validation tests as well as test bench control in the aerospace sector. We develop, plan or modernize test benches for aerospace propulsion systems for you.

    Rocket engine test stands
  • Robot arm in development lab

    Research and development

    When developing new processes and technologies, we support our customers in all project phases. From concept development and feasibility, to the development of special measurement procedures, to automated equipment for special measurements. Of course, we also offer permanent support and maintenance.

    Research & development
  • Symbolic image Retrofit- A clean happy stuffed bear and a dirty, patched, stuffed bear.

    Test stand modernization

    S.E.A is also your partner when it comes to the modernization of an old test stand or the complete new construction. We accompany you from the idea to the realization.

  • Symbol image software development

    Software for special machinery

    We create project-specific and OEM software for the configurable operation of your products. Many manufacturers of special machines rely on our TestMaster platform as future-proof application software for their products.

    OEM products

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Software development

System engineering

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