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S.E.A. V2X Test Systems and Solutions

S.E.A. is committed to provide a comprehensive portfolio of innovative test tools for all different aspects of V2X test and development.

  • The S.E.A. tools serve all V2X technologies, regional standards and user groups involved in the development and roll-out of V2X communication components (ECU, RSU, vehicles) and V2X application software.
  • The modular concept and architecture ensures scalable systems and ensures future safety of customer investments for this dynamic technology.
  • With an open, well-defined software/hardware interface and our integration competence we support the customized integration into existing customer environment providing added customer value for everyday work.

Quote of a selected V2X customer

The close cooperation with our partners S.E.A. and NI enables us to validate and verify our V2X devices corresponding to the expected high-quality level of Continental.
The implementation of the V2X communication, RF-measurement and channel emulation for the 802.11p/DSRC and C-V2X on their software and hardware provide us access to the V2X technology and unique test features very early in the technology development.
The SDR based communication implementation and cooperation with S.E.A. ensures that we are able to react to new requirements in short time.
Overall the availability of V2X on the open NI platform enable us to be a leader in the V2X technology.

  • Ingolf Koch, Head of System Test and Hardware Engineering,
  • Continental
  • Our Advantages

    • V2X-HIL-Tester im transportablen Rack

      V2X and Test Competence

      S.E.A. is active part of the V2X defining community and is member of OmniAir and the 5GAA consortium. We have several certifications from OmniAir proving the correct implementation of the respective standards. Our established TestMaster Software enables consistent, powerful and flexible systems.

    • Logos von V2X-Organisationen, bei denen S.E.A. Mitglied ist

      V2X Community Member

      S.E.A. is an active part of the V2X defining community and is a member of OmniAir and the 5GAA consortium. We have several certifications from OmniAir proving the correct implementation of the respective standards.

    • Globus

      Global Partner Network

      S.E.A. has set up a global network of technology and regional partners to ensure the best local service for our customers. Working closely with our technology partners ensures on the edge functionality and performance for attractive prices with proven tools.

      Partner Network
    • NI Preferred Solution Partner

      S.E.A. relies on the NI hardware platform for radio and test system hardware and is the preferred NI Solution Partner for V2X. The NI Software Defined Radio Technology (SDR) and the NI PXI modular hardware provide the required flexibility and performance for the challenges of V2X test systems.

    Our product family

    Modular test systems and developer tools for every V2X application

    • RF-Conformance Test

      The fully integrated conformance test system allows automated measurements and conformance tests up to 24 GHz for 802.11p, LTE-V and 5G-NR. GNSS emulation is integrated. Ready-to-execute OmniAir, ETSI and 3GPP conformance test catalogs are available. Extension with channel emulation based on SDR are available. The C-V2X test system is certified by OmniAir.

      RF-Conformance Test Systems
    • Icon Automatisierungssoftware

      Protocol & Application Test

      Emulation of all required signals by interactive or automated test execution in open- or closed-loop HIL. V2X, automotive bus (CAN, Automotive Ethernet) and GNSS are emulated based on scenario simulation. EU, US and China standards are supported. The integrated SDR for V2X enables emulation of congestion, RF-effects and channel emulation. A Day 1 test catalog is available.

      Functional Test Systems
    • Monitoring & Logging

      Compact and mobile systems for field and drive testing. Concurrent monitoring and recording of C-V2X (LTE-V) and 802.11p or C-V2X (5G-NR). In parallel, observation of RF-quality. RF-parameters for each message are contained in PCAP-messages for Wireshark. Data acquired by the logger can be used for replay by the Protocol and Application test system in the lab.

      Monitoring and Logging Tools
    • Icon Automatisierungssoftware

      Developer Toolkits

      S.E.A. V2X developer toolkits implement the lower level V2X communication layers PHY & MAC for 802.11p, LTE-V and 5G-NR on an NI SDR with a distinct LabVIEW or C++ API. Higher level message handling like a V2X-protocol stack or other specific functions can be added by the developer. In addition, toolkits for the execution of RF-conformance measurements or channel emulation by NI SDR are available.


    The innovative V2X test approach

    The platform oriented, modular hardware and software architecture designed for your benefit

    Steep learning curve and high flexibility by powerful configuration

    Migration/upgrade to different test system setups

    Customized hardware and software extension supported

    Quick ROI and future safe investments

    Competent consultancy, support and long term maintenance

    Integration with customer hardware and software environments

    V2X Technology – Safe and Efficient Traffic

    V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything)

    V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications is going to transform the mobility industry to improve the safety and efficiency of vehicles and autonomous systems. “Everything” in V2X refers to any traffic participant like vehicles, pedestrians, bikes and others, as well as traffic signs, traffic lights and other infrastructure.

    The core functionality of the V2X technology is continuous information exchange between all traffic members about their current status and actual events by wireless communication – either by direct exchange or using communication infrastructure like mobile networks. Unlike other sensors for autonomous vehicles (cameras, radar, LiDAR) V2X can provide information which is non-line-of-sight and independent of weather conditions. Therefore, V2X communication will be essential for level 4 and level 5 autonomous vehicles.

    Low latency and fast change of communications partners is a crucial requirement which is solved by direct communication between the traffic nodes. The additional application of mobile networks can support V2X in the future. Communication between multiple partners makes it essential that V2X interfaces are conformed to communication standards and RF-regulations. The competing V2X communication standards are implemented alternatively by 802.11p based on IEEE Wi-Fi standards or 4G/5G cellular technology (LTE-V, 5G-NR) based on the 3GPP communication standards. Both communication standards are derivatives of existing technologies, which are specifically designed for the demands of the traffic application.

    The information exchanged and the reaction to specific situations (called use cases) require standards for data structures and behavioral models. These higher levels of communication are defined in different standards for the major regions of the world, e.g. US, Europe and China.

    Extensive tests of V2X components and software on all different technical levels are essential for reaching the final goal of increased safety and save lives in the future.

    Customer Support and System Integration

    We believe in customer value and relationship, serving customers worldwide including leading OEMs, supplier, research and governmental institutes together with our local partners.

    Get in touch with us for a discussion about your solution. We support you with long term experience in automated test systems and wireless communication or customized solutions.

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