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SpaceMaster Software

Radio Cell Information System
for the evaluation of radio data


Theory and reality – Mobile radio evaluation with SpaceMaster®

In reality, mobile radio cells change much more frequently than generally assumed. This may be due to the reconfiguration of mobile network sites by network operators. But shielding or reflections from new buildings can also significantly change the reception situation, for example. Temporary antenna mast locations, which are set up by mobile network providers during events and large-scale events (Oktoberfest, Hamburger Dom fair etc.), also change the mobile radio situation. SpaceMaster® gives you the opportunity to get to the bottom of fundamental reception or connection problems.

The SpaceMaster® evaluation platform is the suitable solution here for the management, visualization and evaluation of mobile radio infrastructure data, cell tower locations, etc. The measurement data of our drive test devices can be automatically transferred and read into the system. Here, the acquired measurement data can not only be permanently stored, but also filtered according to any criteria, evaluated and displayed in maps.

The recorded mobile radio data can be visualized with extensive filters, e.g. according to network operator, technology or also reception quality. Extensive evaluation, reporting and export functions enable the targeted highlighting of mobile cells or the visualization of intersections or overlapping areas. Extensive filter and display functions are also available for displaying special networks such as 450 MHz or 700 MHz in the IIoT or LTE-M band.

Example: Comparison of the radio coverage of different providers for e.g. LTE-M
Example: Comparison of the radio coverage of different providers for e.g. LTE-M

Radio Cell Information System

SpaceMaster® is a modular software platform for data management, visualization and evaluation of mobile radio cells. The propagation of individual radio cells can be displayed in maps, e.g. to perform a coverage analysis of different technologies. The search for individual cells or a quality comparison of different frequencies, providers and technologies can be performed using easy-to-use filter functions.

In addition to mobile radio information, information from other radio technologies such as WLAN or Bluetooth can also be imported and visualized as well as evaluated on maps together with radio cells. The different technologies can be displayed in different map layers to make the mobile radio coverage or the availability of WLAN access points visible together.

SpaceMaster software modules
SpaceMaster Module: The functions can be extended at any time via software plug-ins for the various technologies.

The SpaceMaster software supports the simultaneous visualization of classic mobile radio cells, WLAN access points or Bluetooth and V2X beacons. Available cellular technologies like 2G, 3G, 4G are supported as well as the newer standard 5G. Applications in the NB-IoT and LTE-M bands are also possible. Issues such as the availability or quality of different providers or frequency bands can be evaluated, as can changes in this data over time.

Extensive map functions are available.

Thanks to open interfaces, existing data can also be imported and evaluated and exported to external systems for further processing.

Screenshot of the SpaceMaster software platform with extensive evaluation and analysis functions, visualized in map and report presentation
SpaceMaster software platform with extensive evaluation and analysis functions
web 5G surface layer
web 5G surface layer
web 5G cells convex hull all cells
web 5G cells convex hull all cells

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