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Robot arm in development lab

Research & development

Has always been our passion

Competence and experience

Research and development is one of our core sectors. Our great expertise in research and development projects has its origin not insignificantly in the vita of our company founders and makes us your ideal partner.

With enthusiasm and passion, our developers and engineers are eager to learn about your requirements and innovative developments.

You have the device to be tested, but not yet a test system or test system concept?

You do not yet have an overview of the entire scope of tests that will be required later and would like to remain flexible and scalable?

You would like to create a prototype in parallel to the test system development?

You want a development tester that is also suitable as a series tester later on?

Research group in laboratory

We support and advise you in all project phases – from planning to development – and create future-proof test and inspection systems for you.

Your test system is built in such a way that you can cover all known and future test requirements with an expandable hardware configuration and an internal test configuration or test sequencing. We achieve this great flexibility with customer-specific developed test tools and use the scalable test stand software TestMaster® for test stands and test centers.

With us
one step ahead

We test what others haven’t developed yet.

  • Wolfram Koerver, managing director,
  • S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH
  • Test systems from a single source

    S.E.A. develops and builds test systems in all dimensions. This ranges from wind tunnel control systems covering all subsystems to engine test stands and electronic or radio test systems.

    • View from the helicopter: Polarstern on its journey through the sea ice

      Polar research – Alfred Wegener Institute

      Special measurement technology from the company S.E.A for the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Research (AWI): This involves not only measurement technology, but also form factors and extreme environmental conditions.

    • Ariane rocket engine test stand

      P5, PF50 and P5.2 rocket engine test stands

      S.E.A. is an established supplier for the laboratory area, integration, validation tests as well as test stand control in the aerospace sector. We develop, plan or modernize test stands for aerospace propulsion systems for you.

      Rocket engine test stands
    • Automated test facility with robot

      Development test systems for the chemical industry

      The automation of manual test sequences plays a major role today in order to be able to test efficiently and reproducibly. At S.E.A. you get everything from a single source – from conception to design and software development to the turnkey system.

    • Test center with distributed test cells

      Automation of test and inspection center

      Platform-based software and hardware solutions for distributed and networked test stands. Higher-level organization of test procedures. Monitoring and management of error and alarm states, as well as visualization and signaling of the general status or operating states. The test and automation platform TestMaster from S.E.A. is used for test automation in the large test stands. SystemLink™ is used to manage and monitor the test stands and the release versions of the control software.

    • Wind tunnel measurement systems Defrost and Frontal area measurement

      Products for the qualification of vehicle properties

      S.E.A. is a supplier of measurement systems for qualified measurement of de-icing of vehicle windows and for the measurement of the frontal surface of vehicles.

    • artistic image of electronic components

      Electronics and development testers

      Development testers for testing electronic components are an important tool for verifying quality and function. In addition to an electrical test, a simulation of the missing components is often implemented. However, the test objective can also be the validation of the microcontroller software used. S.E.A masters the whole field of requirements. This also includes environmental simulation and the simulation of all signals or complex sensors and bus systems.

    • RF spectrum

      Wireless Components Tester

      The Wireless Components Tester provides a complete test system for testing wireless communication components. Typical fields are: Validation, qualification, development of hardware and software.

    • autonomous cars on a highway

      Connected Car V2X

      V2X communication is a crucial factor in the requirements for e-mobility and road safety in autonomous driving. S.E.A. has a wide portfolio to meet your ADAS and connected car requirements with our test systems and products.

      V2X test systems
    mobile data logger system for recording signals

    Energy autarkic water faucets

    BMBF-funded research project powerFLUID

    The powerFLUID research project, funded by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research), focuses on the development of mechatronic technologies for energy autarkic water faucets. S.E.A. has developed a mobile data logger system for recording signals for Grohe AG. Distributed CompactRIOTM measurement systems are used in field tests on prototype faucets. In the powerFLUID project, their behavior under various climatic conditions and in operation with water of different quality is being determined.

    You would like to know more? Then please feel free to contact us.


    What our customers say

    Die Forschungsschiffe des AWI sind seit diversen Jahren mit einem einheitlichen Datenerfassungs- und Managementsystem DShip ausgestattet. Unser Ziel war es, dieses auf die Polarflugzeuge zu übertragen. Für die Anpassung an die sehr viel höhere Geschwindigkeit eines Flugzeugs im Vergleich zu einem Schiff musste das System um den Faktor 1000 schneller werden. Eine reine Software-Lösung kam demzufolge nicht mehr infrage. Der Datenerfassungsteil mit der hochpräzisen Zeitsynchronisierung musste in neu zu entwickelnde Hardware übertragen werden.

    Die Firma S.E.A. hat es verstanden, diesen Part zu übernehmen und die notwendige Adaption zu bewerkstelligen. Es liegt in der Natur der Sache, dass bei derartigen Prototypen im Herstellungsprozess zusätzliche Modifikationen außerhalb der eingangs getroffenen Spezifikationen erforderlich werden. S.E.A. hat diese äußerst kompetent und unkompliziert angenommen und umgesetzt. Die gesamte Herstellungsphase verlief kooperativ und freundlich. Das gilt auch für den fortlaufenden Service der Firma. In der Zwischenzeit ist das System um zusätzliche Sensorik für die beiden Polarflugzeuge erweitert worden und ein Helikopter des Forschungseisbrechers Polarstern wurde mit dem System ausgestattet.

  • Peter Gerchow, Mitarbeiter WTG Polarstern II,
  • AWI-Alfred-Wegener Institut
  • DLR Rosetta Philae Lander artist view
    DLR Rosetta Philae Lander artist view

    DLR Mission Control Center Philae

    Spacecraft of the European Space Agency ESA

    The data processing, i.e. the processing and the data distribution to the different workstations, was realized in this project with a configurable data management system (SpaceMaster®) from S.E.A.. For the integration tests of the lander, elaborate check-out systems were required, which evaluated and checked the logical data traffic between the control center and the satellite, i.e. the telemetry and telecommand functionalities.


    Tempus parabolic flight test system in an aircraft

    DigiTempus – Parabolic flight experiments

    DigiTempus – Parabolic flight experiments with digital imaging technology

    The task was to create a recording and evaluation software for observing liquid samples in the course of experiments from melting to cooling. The samples were observed during the melting process by two high-resolution, light-sensitive video cameras.


    S.E.A. is a research partner

    Technische Hochschule Ingoldstadt

    Research partner for Connected Car and V2X challenges of the future

    Your advantages with S.E.A. as a partner in your project

    Technical competence
    Our engineers and scientists come from a wide range of application areas in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, computer science, communications, aerospace engineering.
    This solid basic knowledge and years of project experience enable us to solve your problem as well.

    is the regular, systematic identification and analysis of the wishes, requirements and expectations of customers and their implementation in products, services and processes.
    We understand your requirements, advise you and support you in every phase of the project.
    Our employees will be happy to discuss your needs in a personal meeting. Just give us a call.

    The maintenance of your software and hardware is important to us. But even more complex tasks are in good hands with us. In mission operations, we can support you with specialist personnel for the maintenance and repair of our deliveries and thus contribute to your success.
    Just ask for the services you need.

    Fascination for technology
    Our employees are highly motivated and accept every challenge.
    This does not have to be the latest technical achievement, but can also be the old sweetheart for which almost all knowledge is already gone.
    We bring you into the next millennium.

    Your measurement application is not mentioned?

    This is only a selection from our large portfolio…