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Engineer with mobile S.E.A. test system on solar panels


Mobile Test and Measurement Systems


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mobile test system in a case

Individual testing tasks for technical systems and large machines

often require the use of a large number of measuring devices on site, which are difficult to interconnect and which, in the case of complex measurements, require a great deal of experience and time in operating the measuring equipment and analyzing the recorded measured values.

The applications and possible uses can be quite different:

  • Support during commissioning, approval or maintenance
  • Service operations worldwide on site at the customer’s premises
  • Testing of components and systems on site
Technician, with rugged Tablet, with readings in front of solar panels

The mobile test and inspection systems from S.E.A. Datentechnik are individual and customized

They provide:

  • Interconnection of all measuring components
  • Synchronization of all measurement signals
  • User-friendly, software-controlled operation
  • Manual or automated test sequences
  • Logging and storage of measurement data

Advantages of mobile test and measurement systems

  • Icon Effizient


    Software-controlled measurement functions with graphical user interface

  • Icon Automatisierungssoftware


    Selection of the measurement technology according to the respective technical requirements. Synchronization of the measurement signals

  • Icon technological competency


    Guided and reproducible measurements with test reports

What can we do for you?

Application areas and examples

  • View from the helicopter: Polarstern on its journey through the sea ice

    Mobile operation under extreme conditions

    Special measurement technology from the company S.E.A for the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Research (AWI). This is not only about measurement technology, but also about form factors and extreme environmental conditions.

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  • Technician commissioning a test facility

    Mobile commissioning

    Our test systems enable time-saving, simple commissioning including the analysis of complex measured values in mobile on-site applications, such as commissioning at customer sites.

  • Symbol image mobile maintenance

    Mobile maintenance

    Service and maintenance operations worldwide at the customer’s site with automatic test specification and documentation along with the analysis of complex measured values.

  • Symbol image mobile communication

    Mobile communication surveying

    S.E.A. develops, produces and supplies measurement and analysis systems for the mobile radio technologies 2G/3G/4G and 5G. These can be used to determine the mobile radio situation at a specific location or in an area.

    read more

Our systems meet the following requirements:


Portable in terms of dimensions and operability

  • Portable as suitcase or trolley
  • Stable, shockproof, temperature tolerant and splash-proof according to protection class IP54
  • Use even in confined and harsh test environments


Customized variations of equipment

Define your required measurement functions and signals.

  • Analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • High-frequency measurement signals, e.g. for vibration analysis
  • Possibility of signal preprocessing and filtering using FPGA technology
  • Temperature measurements


Autarkic operation

Thanks to a powerful rechargeable battery, you are independent of a mains power supply and are not tied to a specific location even when operating outdoors.


Intuitive user guidance

Software controlled operation with

  • guided test procedures
  • touch panel display


Automatic test evaluation and reporting

  • Graphically formatted test protocols
  • QA-compliant storage of measurement data and protocols


Remote access

via mobile radio/WLAN for remote support, remote diagnostics and software updates

Mobile S.E.A. service case
S.E.A. service measurement system
mobile test system in yellow case
portable mobile radio measurement system
Mobile test system in a yellow case

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