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BiSS is an open standard for the real-time communication between digital position and rotary encoder with real-time control systems. The protocol is available in two variants BiSS-B and BiSS-C to transfer not only digital position data but also additional sensor information like e.g. temperature or serial number. The BiSS standard is electrically compatible with the SSI standard and allows to transfer data up to 64 bit per each sensor.

CompactRIO system with National Instruments IO and CAN module, S.E.A. ARINC429, BiSS, EnDat, LIN, 3G and WLAN modules with Renishaw angle encoder and Hengstler rotary encoder.

Compatible encoder systems are available from various vendors“
www.hengstler.com  or www.renishaw.com

SEA 9521

BiSS/SSI Interface Module

Part Number: 60000069

SEA 9521 BiSS/SSI Interface Module


  • 3 Independent ports with M12 connector
  • Supports BiSS-C and SSI standards
  • High resolution of position value
    up to 64 bits depending on encoder type
  • Fast data rates up to 33 kHz
  • Operating temperature range
    from -40 to +70 °C

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The SEA 9521 module is a 3-port interface cRIO module for digital position encoders. The SEA 9521 supports the open BISS-C and SSI standards. The position is determined simultaneously on all three channels with high data rates and with a high resolution. The measurement ports are electrically isolated by an isolation barrier from the backplane. SEA 9521 can be used in all CompactRIO systems with FPGA backplane.


Scope of Delivery: 

  • 1* SEA 9521
  • 1* Printed hardware manual incl. operation instructions, safety guidelines and specifications


  • 1* Power cable (61000011), is mandatory for the operation.
  • BiSS-C position encoder – are available from several manufacturers (e.g. Hengstler, Renishaw .). S.E.A. does not provide position encoder.
  • Position encoder cable, (61000117)


  • Is available as free download from our web site. For installation JKI VI Package Manager (VIPM) is required.
  • Contains  programming examples (LabVIEW Example Finder).
  • Requires NI LabVIEW 2011 or later development environment incl. Real-Time and FPGA software modules.


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  • We support you with the implementation of your application
  • For the SEA 9521 module a warranty extension is available.
  • For OEM customers the SEA 9521 can be supplied optional without housing (PCB Only). Please note that certifications do not apply in this case and may have to be perform separately for the final product. Please contact us
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