SEA 9414 & National Instruments FPGA Timekeeper

The SEA 9414 module is compatible with the National Instruments FPGA Timekeeper. For synchronisation tasks the SEA 9414 module can be used as a time source for the Timeekeeper. The software driver contains a LabVIEW example which demonstrates the interaction.



SEA 9414

GPS Module (Extended Temp.)

Part Number: 60000202

SEA 9414 GPS Module


  • A highly sensitive 50-channel receiver
  • GPS data as NMEA 0183 messages and as single values (i.e. time, position) with up to 4 Hz update rate
  • Configurable time pulse signal (PPS) in FPGA or directly on module's connector (Sync Output)
  • Extended operating temperature range -40 to +80 °C

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The SEA 9414 is a cRIO module for timing, synchronization and geopositioning using the Global Positioning System GPS with an extended operating temperature range. The highly sensitive 50-channel receiver delivers GPS data with up to 4 Hz. The GPS data is available as single values (i.e. time or position) or as standard NMEA 0183 messages. The single values can be accessed directly in the FPGA through I/O and property nodes. The NMEA messages are passed through the FPGA and can be parsed in the real-time controller. Examples for GGA and RMC are provided with the software driver.
Beside this, the module provides a time pulse signal (PPS) which can be used in the FPGA or directly through the module's connector Sync Output.
Due to programming based on FPGA method nodes the SEA 9414 module is highly configurable which allows a wide range of applications.

System Requirements:

  • NI CompactRIO™ with FPGA chassis
  • NI LabVIEW™ 2013 or higher

Scope of Delivery: 

  • 1 * SEA 9414 (60000202)
  • 1 * Printed hardware manual incl. operation instructions, safety guidelines and specification


  • GPS antenna, is mandatory for the operation. Matching GPS antennas can be found in our shop.


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  • We support you with the implementation of your application
  • For the SEA 9414 module a warranty extension is available.
  • For OEM customers the SEA 9414 can be supplied optional without housing (PCB Only). Please note that certifications do not apply in this case and may have to be perform separately for the final product. Please contact us
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Further Resources


  • The software driver is required for the operation and can be downloaded without additional costs from our web site. For the installation the JKI VI Package Manager (VIPM) is required.
  • The software driver contains programming examples, accessible through the LabVIEW™ Example Finder.
  • For programming the National Instruments development environment LabVIEW 2013 (or higher) incl. LabVIEW Real-Time and LabVIEW FPGA is required.