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Soldier frontal with tablet and screenshot S.E.A. Counter Intelligence solution, IMSI Catcher detection

IMSI Catcher Detection Platform

Detection of interceptions

What are IMSI Catchers?

IMSI catchers from various manufacturers simulate a temporary mobile phone base station that attracts nearby smartphones and reads out the IMSI (International Subscriber Identity). This identity is unique worldwide and identifies the SIM card holder. This fake base station must have a better signal than the public base stations. For this reason, the IMSI catcher is only active for a few seconds.
It is therefore very important to recognize these systems in the shortest possible time.

SEA 3718 SDR Scanner und SEA 3714C technische Geräte mit Antennenbuchsen zur IMSI Catcher Erkennung SEA 3718 SDR scanner and SEA 3714C technical devices with antenna sockets for IMSI catcher detection

SEA 3714C IMSI Catcher Detector

What advantage does the S.E.A. IMSI Catcher Detector offer in order to detect fake cells quickly and reliably?

The IMSI Catcher Detector from S.E.A. uses various methods to detect the presence of irregular mobile radio cells in the air. The main difference to pure scanner solutions is that the system uses up to 40 sensors in parallel and monitors practically all frequencies and technologies simultaneously. This means that even very short active IMSI catcher signals can be detected and reported by SMS or e-mail.
In addition to parallel monitoring with SEA 3714, an SDR-based RF system is also available to specifically record and examine detailed parameters of a cell.


verteilte SEA IMSI Catcher Detektoren Systeme vor Liegenschaft mit Triangulations Schema Distributed SEA IMSI Catcher Detector Systems in front of property with triangulation scheme

SEA 3714C IMSI Catcher Detector

Networkable device variants to monitor buildings or entire properties

Depending on the area to be monitored, it may be necessary to operate several devices in a network.

Two device sizes are available, the SEA 3809 with 8 channels or the SEA 3714C, which can monitor up to 40 channels. The more channels, the better. The devices can be individually configured for monitoring by provider, technology, frequency or band.

Software for configuration and operation

Our software is available for configuring the devices and visualizing the data, which also enables real-time display of the recorded data on mobile devices. Additional software plug-ins extend the range of functions with further map and alarm functions.

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Screenshot of tablet with IMSI Catcher Detection Software irregular cells
Display of regular mobile radio cells color coding of irregular cells.
Screenshot in tablet of IMSI Catcher detection software
Clear display of device locations and display of alarm statuses.

Advantages over simple scanner solutions

S.E.A. IMSI Catcher detection platform offers

Simultaneous detection of all technologies within seconds 2G/3G/4G/5G

Networking of distributed systems possible to monitor entire properties

Individually configurable and possibility to create a whitelist for operator, technology and frequency/band.

Alarm messages for a possible IMSI catcher deployment can be sent by e-mail or SMS


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