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VIP 2016
We present our newest developments and solutions for:

  • Connected Car / V2X
  • Large Test Facilities
  • RF-Test Systems

We invite you to our booth!


20 Years S.E.A. GmbH

Many thanks to our customers, partners and our team who have contributed to this long-term success since 1995.


The Philae lander launches 11.12.14 on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.   Telecommanding and Telemetry by S.E.A. SpaceMaster™... more

S.E.A. at NIWeek 2016


S.E.A. offers test and measurement solutions. We develop test software, measurement equipment, and turn key systems which base on our own products and our developers know how in various fields.



Hardware   Software

►  HF-Tester
►  V2X-802.11p Communication
►  IVL-Tester
Products for CompactRIO
►  Mobile Communications
►  Geo-Positioning
►  Networking
►  Interfaces & Busses
►  DAQ & Monitoring
►  Graphic Displays
 Digital Sensors

►  Accessories

Monitoring & Control
►  SEA 3200 Condition  Monitoring Platform
►  BMX®-Embedded Realtime Platform
►  SEA Products for Government and Organizations


►  TestMaster®
►  Space Master
►  Windtunnel Control System
Addon Toolkits for LabVIEWTM
►  Localization Toolkit for LabVIEW™
►  Graphical Screen Editor
►  Digital Sensor Toolkit
►  cRIO Sync Toolkit


Please inform yourself about our service spectrum by the reference projects and find out, how we can support you to optimize your technologies and modernize your test systems using our products and solutions  more...

Beyond that you have the possibility to buy our software and cRIO products in our online shop.


TM[CompactRIO,LabVIEW] is a trademark of National Instruments. Neither [S.E.A.], nor any software programs or other goods or services offered by [S.E.A.], are affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by National Instruments.