Your benefits

  • Ease of use through existing integration with V2X/ADAS test systems
  • Flexibility through configuration with granular user-rights
  • Privacy of data handling by local (non-web) data & map server
  • Efficiency by application of human perception for data analysis
  • Time saving through fast visual analysis

Management of geo-based telemetry data

Getting results from your test data

HIL test runs for V2X/ADAS or recorded drive testing data is very often geo-located by the contained GNSS information. Depending on the application this data must be managed and related to the geolocation for further interpretation.

The S.E.A. product SpaceMasterV2X is a scalable, highly configurable database and mapping software for the flexible map based visualization of signals.

The S.E.A. product SpaceMasterV2X is based on telemetry software originally developed by S.E.A. for space mission telemetry handling together with DLR. Through well-defined import interfaces it can easily be integrated in existing data or test environments. Integration interfaces for the V2X and ADAS iiT test system data is available.

Test data can automatically be recorded into SpaceMasterGEO during the test run/drive test or imported subsequently later on. The user can access and visualize the data by client software or a web client. Unique visualization features and filter functions allow a focused selection and display of signals in the context of the surrounding environment (on a map), a very helpful and time saving feature for the evaluation of dynamic scenarios.

SpaceMaster V2X selected features

  • Scalable server/client architecture
  • Local map server for multiple map providers
  • Powerful management of test and recorded signals
  • Open interfaces based on standards for data access
  • Powerful visualization methods of geo-localized signal behavior
  • Very efficient identification of interesting event hot spots by visual settings and versatile filtering
  • Flexible, configurable report generation
  • Integration with the S.E.A./ADAS iiT test environment
  • Direct integration with measX Big Data solutions for seamless visual preselection and deep big data analysis Download Data Sheets


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