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Even in the areas of large test facilities and test equipment S.E.A.  has implemented other projects.

turbine monitoring

Facility Control

with TestMaster

Because of its flexibility TestMaster is an essential tool for control of test facilities in development. more...

Surveillance and check-out of aeroplane turbines

Control room of a turbine test rig


Aeroplane turbines are tested in special test chambers with real load and operating profiles. The tests may last from a few hours up to several days and are due to safety aspects, conducted in closed testing chambers on a large number of - also different – turbine-types.

S.E.A. has developed a system for capturing, monitoring and evaluation of operating statuses. Therefore the turbine characteristics – e.g. speed, load, power and fuel consumption or pressures – are measured, calibrated and processed for evaluation continuously.

Test stand for aircraft engines


The task was successfully completed by S.E.A. by employing a data management system and TestMaster which covers all processing and management functions of the process data. The user interfaces are mainly realised in LabVIEW™.

The turbine measurement data are transmitted binary to the central server via TCP/IP-protocol.

Then all incoming data is processed online, saved in an industrial real-time database and distributed to so called online-clients for visualisation.

After processing by the server the data is again online-accessible to all clients, making it possible to monitor several test stands by one operator. The modularity of the system and the capturing-components allows it to operate a multitude of test stands simply by adding measurement hardware and reconfiguration.