Test Software for Verification

With TestMaster S.E.A. applies a flexible test platform. It allows our OEM partners to configure their test systems easily - even if they have variable hardware and software. more...

OEM Software

OEM - Original-Equipment-Manufacturer, produce components or products, which are brought to market together with a product of a partner company. Please also refer to the page about our OEM solutions.

LabVIEW AddOn Toolkits

developed by S.E.A. make it easy for service providers to customize their LabVIEW Software for the customers requirements. more...

Service Sector

S.E.A. works with many customers from different service sectors. Our main focus is on providers of industrial services. These support large scale manufacturer e.g. with test bed equipment or software. As an OEM supplier S.E.A. aspires long term cooperations with these service suppliers.

  • Several engineering consultants use TestMaster systems to test electronic components.
  • Software compacnies often work close together with automotive manufacturers. For their product development they use our test software.
  • Our wind tunnel control system WTCS supports wind tunnel operators to adapt software and hardware to the customers test requirements.

Our business activities are not limited to service providers from the technical sector, we also attend to customers from the service sector.

  • An S.E.A. software monitors the switch heating of a german local traffic system.

We would be glad to specify our references if you contact us.

Please understand, that in some cases our OEM partners use our products in combination with their label and don't want to be mentioned.