WTCS Sub-Systems

  • Climate control/air conditioning
  • Pressure measurement & suction control
  • Rolling road systems
  • Fan control
  • Balance & model positioning
  • Motion & vision support for positioning

Facility Control

with TestMaster

Because of its flexibility TestMaster is an essential tool for control of test facilities in development. more...

WTCS - Wind Tunnel Control System

Noise emission, aerodynamic resistance and climate control are essential parameters, which are important in many research and industrial applications. These parameters are evaluated in wind tunnels.

The complexity of simulating enviromental parameters requires flexible systems for the measurement and determination of experiment parameters. In any
kind of wind tunnel - aerodynamic, climatic or acoustic - operators and users are interested in the optimization of the valuable factor time for the performance of experiments and measurements. In addition they have high expectations in flexibility of the control system, in data acquisition and control components. Safe data management and high test effort are required.

In a cooperative effort S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH and Werum Software & Systems AG have developed a universal control system WTCS, which fulfills all these requirements for the refurbishment of existing facilities as well as for new implementations.

System Architecture

WTCS is a platform, which provides the following key requirements:

  • independence of the specific kind of application
  • flexibility & extensibility in hardware and software
  • high availability & data throughput
  • open architecture for
  • data acquisition
  • monitor &control
  • test procedures & performance
  • integration of already existing infrastructure
  • reusability

WTCS offers a modular and configurable solution to run a control system which matches all necessary requirements in all kind of wind tunnels. WTCS is highly scalable in measurement and control hardware as well as in software with client/server architecture and multi workstation support.

The modular WTCS architecture allows the later extension without structural changes. The flexible concept allows adapting the system specific properties just by selection of the appropriate modules. Future extensions are guaranteed by a plug-in concept.


Base functions

WTCS comes with a functions palette, which is required for configuration, operation and maintenance of every wind tunnel:

  • configuration management
  • error and event logger
  • test sequencer & test management
  • central data management
  • data processing & storage
  • data visualization
  • data evaluation modules
  • external programming interfaces

User interfaces and dialogues are integrated seamlessly into the modular concept. Dedicated communication interfaces provide data exchange between the central servers. Dialogues are independent from the sub-systems and represent these on a functional level.

Additional Functions

Open interfaces in hardware and software allow the integration of system specific functions as user dialogues for sub-system modules. The open architecture ensures, that dialogues and user interfaces match the customers requirements. All dialogues are integrated in a common framework and offer a consistent look and feel.


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