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The Graphical Screen Editor is certified by National Instruments as 'Compatible with LabVIEW™'.

Add-On Software

Graphical Screen Editor

  • Graphically define screen layouts directly in LabVIEW™
  • Automatically create configuration  files from screen layouts
  • Quickly generate applications with a template VI

SEA 4912

Display 2.4” Module Kit

Part Number: 61000135

SEA 4912 cRIO Display 2.4” Kit


  • High-Resolution LCD graphic display with 240 x 320 pixel
  • Resistive touch screen
  • Brilliance of colour, 65K True Colour
  • 12 free usable IOs (GPIOs), separately definable as input or output
  • Mounting kit made of massive aluminium (color: petrol, similar to RAL 6012) , consisting of frame, clamp bracket and fittings
  • Directly connectable to NI CompactRIO™, NI Single-Board RIO™,
    PC and further devices.
  • Operating voltage range 7 to 30 VDC
  • Operating temperature range from -15 to +65 °C

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The SEA 4912 is perfectly suitable for displaying simple text based information like acquisition data, but also for complex graphical objects like buttons, charts or bar graphs. The wide viewing angle of the LCD screen and the brilliance of colour ensures a high picture quality. The touch function allows the implementation of interactive control and monitoring applications. The software drivers provides a comprehensive, but easy-to-use programming library (API) for LabVIEW™.


The SEA 4912 can be operated on any device fulfilling the criteria:

  • the device offers a serial RS-232 hardware interface
  • the device is capable of running LabVIEW™ code (vi, exe, rtexe)


You can create complete screen layouts directly in LabVIEW™ with the separately available Graphical Screen Editor.

Scope of delivery: 

  • 1* SEA 4912 Display (61000126)
  • 1* Mounting kit consisting of
    frame, clamp bracket and fittings
  • 1* Printed hardware manual incl. operation instructions, safety guidelines and specifications


  • 1* Power cable (61000011), is mandatory for the operation.
  • 1* Display RS-232 communication cable (61000056), is mandatory for the operation.
  • Graphical Screen Editor (61000139)


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  • We support you with the implementation of your application.
  • For the SEA 4912 module a warranty extension is available.
  • For OEM customers the SEA 4912 can optional be supplied without mounting kit (Display only). Please note that certifications do not apply in this case and may have to be done separately for the final product.
  • For larger quantities the mounting frames can be produced with custom shades (within the limits of technical possibilities).
  • Technical support:




  • The software driver is required for the operation and can be downloaded without additional costs from our web site. For the installation the JKI VI Package Manager (VIPM) is required.
  • The software driver contains programming examples, accessible through the LabVIEW™ Example Finder.
  • For programming the National Instruments development environment LabVIEW™ 2011 (or higher) is required. When the software is intended to run on a real- time target (i.e. NI CompactRIO™), then LabVIEW™ Real-Time is required as well.