Free Software

For the operation of the cRIO modules a software driver is needed, which can be downloaded for free. This integrates the cRIO module completely in a LabVIEW project.

Selection Guide for GSM/GPS cRIO Modules

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The Global Satellite-based Navigation System (GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System) allows a precise determination of the geo-position and the identification of a highly accurate time regardless of the location on the Earth. There are several GNSS, at preset the most important is the Global Positioning System (GPS) developed and operated by the government of the United States. Beside this there are Galileo (Europe), GLONASS (Russia) or Beidou (China), which are partially in a developmental stage. The SEA cRIO modules for geolocation use the Global Positioning System signals (hence the term GPS is used synonymously to GNSS) but generally prepared for other systems.

All SEA cRIO Modules for Geo-Positioning

SEA 9405 GPS Data up to 4 Hz, Backup Battery
SEA 9410 GPS Data up to10 Hz, Backup Battery
SEA 9414 GPS Data up to 4 Hz, Extended Temperature Range
Other modules with GPS function, see Mobile Communication

Key Features :

  • High-precision time source
  • Chassis synchronization via GPS
  • Geo-positioning / Geotracking
  • Software drivers for LabVIEW along
    with included examples