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V2X Functional Test Systems

V2X Protocol, Interoperability and Application Test Solutions and Catalogs

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Modularity and domain competence

Experiencing the SEA-NI V2X test platform at the Omniair plugfest proves to me that their modular approach with SDR-technology provides one of the leading V2X test environments.

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    V2X Turnkey Test Systems for Functional Tests

    Complete V2X Scenario Emulation
    for Automated Protocol and Application-Level Tests

    Start testing interoperability, protocol and software applications of your V2X device.

    The S.E.A. V2X test systems provide an emulation of all relevant physical signals in a complete and easy to use test system.
    All required hardware and software components are controlled by the V2X TestMaster software.
    Powerful test automation, integrated analysis tools and reporting are controlled by an easy-to-use test flow.
    Our predefined test catalogs as well as full configurability are available for direct use.


    Maximum Performance and Flexibility

    As the preferred NI Solution Partner for V2X S.E.A. relies on the NI hardware platform for radio and test system hardware. NI Software Defined Radio Technology (SDR) and the NI PXI modular hardware provide the required flexibility and performance for the challenges of V2X test systems.

    The application of NI SDR opens up maximum flexibility for future V2X standards and implementation of customized RF-communication protocols by S.E.A. The low level communication stacks are implemented in the FPGA of the SDR and can be modified by S.E.A. if required.
    The SDR approach provides the power to emulate V2X traffic scenarios even with hundreds of vehicles with just one hardware.
    For the emulation of V2X communication, the test systems implement the V2X stacks for the main regions: EU, US and China.

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    Unique possibilities for performance and protocol level test by Software Defined Radio technology.

    Complete software tool chain for creation of test scenarios and regression tests.

    Day 1 Use Case Test Catalog for out-of-the-box application test.

    Support of US, EU and China signaling protocol stacks.

    Easy to use graphical user interface for interactive and automated testing.

    Fully configurable and extendable by the user.

    Customer Application Examples

    Our turnkey V2X test solutions are complete out-of-the box as standalone test systems. If required, customized adaptations for specific applications or extension are supported by the open and modular architecture.

    S.E.A. Standalone test system
    (Tier 1 – Component Validation)
    • V2X Product – Open-Loop
    • no customized adaptation
    • Automated test by TestMaster V2X
    • S.E.A. Emulation of CAN, V2X and GNSS
    • Integrated IPG CarMaker Scenario
    V2X Open-Loop with Vector CANoe
    (OEM – App Software Validation)
    • V2X Product – Open-Loop
    • Automated test by TestMaster V2X
    • S.E.A. Emulation of CAN, V2X and GNSS
    • Customized extensions
    • CAN Restbus Simulation bei CANoe
    TestMaster V2X with ROS and CARLA
    (Research Institute – V2X Research)
    • S.E.A. TestMaster V2X environment
    • S.E.A. Emulation of V2X and GNSS
    • Customized extensions
    • S.E.A. ROS communication interface to CARLA
    V2X Closed-Loop HIL
    (Test house – Validation)
    • V2X Product – Closed-Loop
    • Automated Test by TestMaster
    • S.E.A. Emulation of V2X, Automotive Ethernet, GNSS
    • Real-time scenario simulation
    • Real-time model interface
    • Use case test catalog

    Functional V2X Test System Portfolio

    Our V2X test system portfolio provides different products for an efficient fit to the various customer application needs. The architecture of all products is based on TestMaster V2X and NI hardware. Most products can be upgraded to extended functionalities of higher level products if required in the future.

    Integrated compact system

    • V2X communication protocol 802.11p, LTE-V
    • CAN interface
    • GNSS emulation
    • Scenario simulation environment

    TestMaster V2X test software – Open-Loop

    Applicable for:

    • Protocol test
    • Interoperability test
    • Day 1 Use Case test

    Limited extendability

    two stacked electric devices for compact v2x communication tests

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