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Picture with 2 men in military uniform, with tablet, screenshot of software, S.E.A. Datentechnik mobile radio analysis measuring device, network

Mobile Infrastructure Surveillance – Military Counterintelligence

Defense and security

Safety and reliability

As a leading expert in customized measurement and analysis systems for all mobile radio technologies, we have a long-standing presence in Germany and throughout Europe. Our latest developments in the military and defense sector are designed to successfully master your demanding tasks. Working closely with European security agencies, we have both enhanced existing products and created innovative solutions to meet your specific requirements.

S.E.A. products for the sector
Defense and Security – Overview

S.E.A. designs and manufactures RF equipment and tools for government and military use. We supply specialist RF scanners for infrastructure monitoring and testing of cellular base stations, Wi-Fi access points and Bluetooth devices. The combination of appropriate hardware and software can be used for civilian operations to optimize public communications or for counterintelligence or counterespionage applications.
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  • Device for measuring and analysis system, turquoise background Mobile network symbols

    SEA 3714M Cellular Measurement System

    Determination of mobile radio cell data with map display; coverage analysis and comparison; detection of unauthorized mobile radio signals and access points; measurement of WLAN signals and IoT devices; special products for military and defence; multi-channel base station sensors; all 2G/3G/4G/5G standards; detection and assignment of mobile radio availability.

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  • 2 men, military, WLAN and Bluetooth scanner in case with screenshot on tablet

    SEA3809M WLAN BT Scanner- 2.4/5/6GHz WiFi and Bluetooth Scanner

    Threat prevention in the IT environment, digital surveillance; court-proof protection of digital radio traces; active and passive data acquisition, live analysis and localization of end devices; Multi standards 2.4/5/6GHz; Hi-Sense RF modules

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    IMSI Catcher Detector

    The SEA 37XX platform monitors the existing mobile radio infrastructure with up to 40 parallel sensors. By monitoring the mobile radio parameters of all regular mobile radio cells 24/7, anomalies can be quickly recognised and reported. The system is used to protect military and government areas, embassies and industrial facilities.

    IMSI Catcher Detector
Soldier in the forest looking at a map of the available mobile radio cells on a tablet PC

SEA 3714M
Cellular Measurement System

Detection of existing mobile radio infrastructures

The SEA 3714M Cellular Measurement System is a device that can measure up to 40 cellular networks in parallel to record the availability and propagation of cellular radio cells. It is suitable for the testing and monitoring of the 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies.
All major cellular standards can be measured simultaneously, regardless of operator, access technology or frequency. Signal strength, frequency, cell ID or other parameters are recorded and stored together with the GPS position.
Continuous passive monitoring of mobile radio signals can provide detailed information about unknown infrastructure in the field.

Military column on the road capturing radio cells. 5G, 4G, 3G mobile networks. SEA 3714c measurement system

SEA 3714M – Special product features

Drive test system for recording and analysis of cellular base station availability in unknown areas

  • 32 channel system (expandable to 40 channels)
  • Simultaneous detection of 2G/3G/4G and 5G technology with up to 40 channels
  • Detection of base stations with technology, band, frequency and cell ID and many other parameters
  • Monitor available cellular base stations
  • Drive testing of small and large areas to map availability
  • Remote Access via VPN
  • GPS-Antenna for location mapping
  • Battery or car operation

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2 men, military, WLAN and Bluetooth scanner in case with screenshot on tablet

SEA 3809M WLAN-Scanner

Military counterintelligence

The SEA 3809M is a brand-new military counterintelligence product for scanning available Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth signals in the 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz frequency ranges. Metadata and signatures from Wi-Fi hotspots or smart devices such as smartphones and tablets can be detected and recorded. The portable unit is battery powered and can be operated manually or fully autonomously to monitor and report the presence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal sources in unknown areas.
The SEA 3809M can be used to continuously monitor military areas or other government buildings to detect unwanted Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communications. Device metadata and communication data can be recorded in PCAP format.
IMSI detection via Wi-Fi honeypot capabilities to detect IMSI via Wi-Fi instead of cellular are available on request. The SEA 3809M can be fully encrypted to protect recorded data. Remote access to the system is possible via VPN. The SEA 3800M WLAN scanner offers automatic observation, creation of movement profiles and passive detection of the infrastructure in use.

Soldat frontal mit Tablet und S.E.A.

SEA 3809M 2.4/5/6GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scanner

Special product features

  • Multi Channel Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Scanner
  • Detect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Devices
  • Hi-Sense RF-Modules with built-in Multi frequency support on 2.4,5 and 6GHz
  • Monitor & Alarm Functions
  • Remote Access via VPN
  • GPS-Antenna (Internal and external)
  • Stationary and mobile operation (wardriving) thanks to internal battery

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Counterintelligence Solutions

The above products can be combined with appropriate software packages to detect espionage activity. By continuously monitoring regular cellular signals, it is possible to detect IMSI-catcher activity at military or government sites. Unwanted activity via commercial RF devices can be automatically detected and alerted.

  • Intrusion Detection
  • An image showing text, screenshot and an olive green device case with a mobile phone meter on a meeting table
    Screenshot of the live results of the IMSI catcher detection. The detected irregular cell signals are marked in red.

    Cell Monitoring System – IMSI Catcher Detection

    Immediate detection of irregular cell signals

    IMSI Catcher Detection is performed by continuous monitoring of regular cell towers and base stations. Acquisition on 32 parallel channels allows the immediate detection of irregular cell signals.

    • Continuous monitoring of regular cell towers
    • Detection for unusual cells or cell parameters like power or location
    • Locate cell tower or possible IMSI Catcher by drive test or triangulation
    • Automated alarm events via e-mail or sms

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