802.11p Add-On for LabVIEW - RF-COMPLIANCE

Part Number: 66000023

The package is designed for high-load communication, in-depth stressing and debugging the functionality of 802.11p - capable devices in development, validation and research applications.


  • Measure RF signals and validate and check for standard compliance all in parallel!
  • Apply typical RF measurement and analysis methods
  • Validate conformity of RF signals to international standards
  • Combine traceable (calibrated) measurements with the NI PXI VST hardware
  • Use the same device for parallel 802.11p communication, manipulation, and measurement

The 802.11p Add-On for LabVIEW - RF-COMPLIANCE delivers unique access to the DSRC 802.11p standard in LabVIEW™ for the future V2X (Vehicle-To-Anything) communications based on National Instruments™ hardware platforms USRP and VST (PXI). It includes (a) a LabVIEW API (functions palete) incl. examples for programming 802.11p-based applications in LabVIEW and (b) the Host Control Manager (HCM) for interaction with the local communication hardware.

The RF-COMPLIANCE package enables transmission (send + receive) of regular 802.11p packets (MAC + PHY layer) and offers precise timing of the MPDU-packet output and precise time information of the received packets. In addition to this the RF-COMPLIANCE package adds features to measure and validate the RF-signals.

At present following hardware is supported:
• NI USRP-2953
• NI USRP-2954
• NI PXIe-5644 (VST)

For the API LabVIEW 2014 or higher (development version) is required. The HCM requires LabVIEW 2015 Run-Time Engine as well as suitable device drivers (NI USRP or NI VST), version 15.

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