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LTK Localization Toolkit
for LabVIEW

LabVIEW™ add-on to easily change the language of your LabVIEW application

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LTK Language globe

For worldwide use of your software created with LabVIEW

  • Display of user interfaces in many languages
  • On the fly switching of languages with same character coding
  • Integrated language management


Example of a Front Panel display with translated texts localized with the LTK add-on

Applications with LTK

  • LabVIEW application usage in a familiar language
  • Display of multibyte characters such as Chinese
  • On the fly switching of languages with same character coding
  • Adjustment of text and labels without changing the software code
  • Language-dependent adaptation of font and font size
Detail of a Block Diagram with LTK functions from the LTK API palette for displaying translations

Programming with LTK

  • Installation as add-on software package with LabVIEW palette and programming examples
  • Translation of LabVIEW user interfaces in defined steps
  • Translation of numerous front panel objects such as VI titles, menus, controls, indicators, headings and labels
  • Language information of the translations is independent of the LabVIEW code
  • Storage of language information in ASCII format
  • Editing of translations in LTK’s own editor or externally with common editor programs or e.g. with Microsoft Excel in Unicode format
  • Free 30-day trial of almost all functions

30-day trial

More information on the toolkit

LTK supports your software development process by:

  • Full integration in the project window
  • Editor for defining the translations
  • Consistency check of the definitions in the project
  • Integrated table editor
  • Preview function
  • LabVIEW function palette
  • Example LabVIEW projects
LTK translation functions in a LabVIEW project

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