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Quality assurance during the production of heatable front panes with industrial imaging

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The task for S.E.A. was to automatise the quality controls during the production of heatable front panes. Heatable front panes are produced by joining two single panes with a conductive foil in between which was primarily vapour-deposited onto one of the panes. The foil heats up due to a current passing through.
The quality control at this point of production needs to evaluate and control the heat distribution over the entire pane. Every pane needs to be controlled individually by a trained specialist.

Quallitätskontrolle von Frontscheiben:


The core of the entire test system consists of a process computer equipped with a National Instruments FrameGrabber card and a FieldPoint-module as well as a thermographic camera by Flir Systems. The panes are individually heated and recorded by the camera. Two captures of different temperature states are then further used for quality controls. The captured greyscale images are processed into colour and a difference picture is created. Thereby faulty areas -the so called HotSpots of the pane- become clearly visible. The created images are then distributed to trained specialists by a company-internal network.