BMX® The Embedded Real-time Monitoring and Control Platform

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BMX - 500 PCB assembly

The BMX® module is a platform specialized for local control and measurement functions on a real-time operating system basis. All real-time and FPGA functions, as well as the complete application can be programmed with LabVIEW™, the programming language from National Instruments™. High level LabVIEW-API and driver functions to access the modules hardware and IO capabilities are available. The module is delivered with a basic software framework to acquire, process and store measurement and control data. These tasks are performed by the Core Power-PC CPU with the operating system VxWorks, and the on-board FPGA for very fast and deterministic control and monitoring functionality

Simple Block Diagram

A separate communication controller manages the remote access to the system and the communication infrastructure like GSM, 3G and WLAN radio functions. Via the embedded controller one can remotely transfer stored data or copy new control parameters onto the system. Even the remote exchange of the complete LabVIEW application software is possible. Embedded VPN (Virtual Private Network) functions secure the remote access for the operator or system maintainer.

A high sense GPS receiver supplies precise geo-position information as well as precise timing information, which can time stamp measurement signals down to microsecond accuracy. Thus it is ideal for correlated measurement in the energy and supply market, but it is also perfect for applications in vehicle data loggers or for mobile assets.

The system consists of two main PCB boards which are assembled to a compact circuit with robust connectors for digital and analog IOs, but has also on-board RF connectors to connect external GSM, GPS or WLAN antennas.

The BMX® Platform is designed for use in OEM applications as an embedded or standalone control platform. Enclosures and accessories like antennas cabling etc. are available. Minimum order quantities apply.   Read more ...

Application Fields

The chapters below describe the various use cases which are requested by our customers. The BMX® platform is a generic approach to serve the individual technical requirements in the different application fields.


Use the BMX platform for logging, acquiring,filtering and storing of vehicle data in automotive applications. more ...



Logging and monitoring in transport and logistic applications. Monitor vehicle performamce during fleet operation.....

Energy and Supply Market

Monitor performance of public utilities in the energy and supply market.

more ....

Communicate with environmental sensors...


The BMX® platform is a generic approach to serve the individual technical requirements in the different application fields. The BMX® board-assembly consists of two main boards, with the option to choose between several communication capabilities like GSM, 3G, UMTS or WLAN 802.11n or even satellite communication. An autonomous communication controller manages the different data and telemetry routing between. For the end use application there is a dedicated real time controller and reconfigurable FPGA which can be programmed with LabVIEW. This combined with the real time OS provides the CPU power for fast and deterministic measurement and control applications.

The individual use cases require different IO signals, busses and connections to peripheral devices.

The BMX® assembly provides digital, analog and bus input and output connectors for the industrial and embedded market. Due to the embedded FPGA, foreign or OEM bus protocols can be implemented just by software.