LTE-V LabVIEW MON (66000030)

This category provides resources for the product SEA LTE-V LabVIEW MONITORING (66000030) for the NI USRP hardware platform. The package consists of two parts, the API with functions palette and the tool HCM (Host Control Manager) to interface the hardware. The combination of the HCM and the API delivers a software environment, which enables implementations of LTE-V transceivers (PHY and MAC) for signalling tests with additional testing features.

API (66000034):

The MON API provides functions for monitoring and validation of the data transfer. The API is build upon the COMMS API (they are dependent of the COMMS API) and therefore require the COMMS API for operation. The COMMS API is automatically installed along with the FULL API if not yet installed.

HCM (66000033):

The Host Control Manager (HCM) is controlled by the API and interfaces the used communication hardware. Supported hardware is NI USRP-2953/54.

LTE-V Add-On for LabVIEW - MONITORING Software Manual
LTE-V HCM - MONITORING (Is also included with the Add-On for LabVIEW)
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