The usage of the RF-frequencies is regulated worldwide in order to ensure that no unwanted interference occurs. To prove that a system/component is compliant with the frequency bands, transmission behavior and the RF- transmissions methods expected, RF-measurements need to be performed. Additionally, the measurement of signal characteristics is important for RF-developers and RF-system designers, for example, in the design & placement of the antenna on the vehicle.

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S.E.A. V2X Test Tools are Certified

First OmniAir Consortium OQTE Certified C-V2X-V2X Modular Bench Tester.
First OmniAir Consortium OQTE Certified C-V2X& DSRC Sniffer & Logger.

High Quality RF Measurements for Development and Validation

V2X as well as other technologies for connected car and GNSS is based on wireless RF-communication. For the development of communication chips, validation of standard conformance of the radio transmission is an essential requirement.

S.E.A. has developed and implemented online measurement algorithms for the typical required RF-conformance tests on the same hardware components as used in the V2X-communication stack.

The S.E.A. V2X measurement add-on extends the V2X functionality for the measurement of the required signal characteristics by the RF-conformance tests. It can be applied to V2X, but also to other communication measurements.

Additionally the limits defined in the standards for US and EU are provided to the user for easy evaluation of the conformity by the API.
The measurement can be performed online with signals received from NI USRP (non-calibrated) or NI Vector Signal Transceivers VST (calibrated).

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Your benefits

  • Online measurement of RF-characteristics parallel to V2X-communication
  • Parallel use of V2X hardware for RF- signal measurements
  • Application oriented integration with test system
  • Future safe based on standard NI off-the shelf components
  • Flexible and customizable by use of Software Defined Radio technology
  • Direct support of major global standards including limit definitions Download Data Sheets


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Customized HIL-Test systems for V2X and ADAS Verification

customized HIL-Test systems for V2X and ADAS Verification

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