Test, Measurement, and Simulation of all V2X aspects

The possibility of the direct communication between all traffic participants (V2X – Vehicle-to-Anything) adds a new quality of information to the vehicle. The exchange of the current status can occur between vehicles, pedestrians, motorbikes, bicycles, and others as well as with infrastructure such as traffic signs, traffic lights and so on. 
S.E.A. provides specific V2X test products and brings the required V2X technologies into the test systems.

Depending on the goal of the customer, V2X communication requires in-depth knowledge of a wide field of technologies including RF, protocols, standards, and applications.

In order to provide tailored solutions for the different requirements of V2X test systems, S.E.A. has developed a set of different communication products based on National Instruments hardware and software technologies.

The 802.11p stack is implemented based on NI Software Defined Radios to handle all manipulation required. A LTE-V implementation will also be available.

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