The TestMaster® software consists of basic components that can be combined corresponding on the task:

System Architecture

In addition to the basic modules, various modules and device drivers are available, from which a customer-specific solution can be easily configured.

The LabVIEW interface allows easy extension by the user.

Test system for components with wireless communication

  • validation
  • qualification
  • development

    of hardware and software.
Unbenanntes Dokument

Kurze Vorstellung von TestMaster auf der Sensor und Test in Nürnberg.

TestMaster. Elektromotortest. Prüfstand.

 The toolbox for testing and testing applications

TestMaster® offers all the features of modern software for test systems.

Systems implemented with TestMaster® provide easy operation, high flexibility and performance. Programming is largely replaced by configuration, solutions are assembled from finished modules. All components of the test system are operated and automated with TestMaster®. If special applications require it, it can easily be upgraded with LabVIEW.

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<b>Test bench control</b> <b>Test automation:</b>
<b>Real-time and HIL inspection systems </b> - Functional test
- Qualification test
- Software and hardware validation
- Production test

Test platform for the automotive sector


Anlagensteuerung mit Bildverarbeitung


Echtzeittests mit HIL- Simulation


Tests elektronischer Baugruppen