User Interface of WeldWatcher software with ads for process monitoring, and user definable menus and buttons.

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Laser welding-process control with WeldWatcher

Laser welding process in the automotive industry


Modern laser-welding continuously demands more intricate quality assurance controls. Especially the automotive industry places high demands on precision e.g. during the welding of body parts but also efficiency and economic sense are important aspects. Therefore it is a major issue to reduce expensive rectifications or rejects through constant quality assurance throughout the welding process. Aspects of quality controls are for example welding errors, missing connectivity, irregular depth of welding, material ejection as well as system errors of the welding-lasers

At the behest of the 4D Ingenieurgesellschaft für Technische Dienstleistungen mbH company, S.E.A. has developed the first version of an efficient OEM-software for professional process controls during laser-welding which meets all requirements of modern quality assurance.


The WeldWatcher software developed by S.E.A. bases on TestMaster, a modular LabView® based software equipment for testing and production plants in the industrial sector.
The Software runs under Windows on industry PCs and may easily be customized to different process hardware due to the TestMaster”™s signature hardware abstraction.

WeldWatcher software contains among other features the processing and visualisation of process data either in automatic-mode or in expert-mode for laboratory purposes.
Features, in addition to error detection and report to the machine-SPS, are different evaluation-modes, error statistics, custom definitions for quality-requirements, communication support with external data sources and SPS-runtime compensation.

The process database Sumatra allows communication between different welding stations and the exchange of information on the processing state of individual workpieces. Customized user interfaces are due to the LabView® base, easily applied.