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Facility Control

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Controlling of video and audio measurement set-ups with MeasureMaster


Audio and video test station manufacturers, designers and service providers need adjustable systems for analysing the test signals. For this purpose S.E.A. developed an OEM controlling software for the Tektronics video signal analyser VM700.


User interfaces of MeasureMaster programmed with LabVIEW

The software should enable the integrated operation of a standard measurement device with a multitude of different devices as for example signal generators , spectrum analysers and frequency generators from different manufacturers.

Test automation of free defined measuring runs with various measurement devices should be economically implemented and maintenance-friendly.


The TestMaster© software from S.E.A. with its different and powerful control and test runs forms the base of the system. The TestMaster conception is sovereign of any hardware and enables althoug the manual and the automated controlling of various devices and different producers.

Specific functions for analysing audio and video signals with the VM700 analyser are created. The core of the customized MeasureMaster system is the sequence editor, which allows comfortable defining of individual test runs.

The LabVIEW based MeasureMaster implements the efficient and customized usage of the system.