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Test system for intelligent automotive components

Steering wheel columns


When developing safety-relevant techniques for the automotive industry the manufacturer relies on close controls to guarantee and document the correct function of modules during the production process. Within the scope of the development of a test system for steering wheel columns and all attached control elements situated in the surrounding area a test stand concept should be created. The aim was to test the vast range of available functions as well as their combination considering the ISO-standards. Inter alia stochastical testing methods were required. The PC-based test concept should offer a flexible, user-friendly and replicable definition of the tests. Furthermore an interconnected data management for results and definitions was requested.


Test report, test editor and CAN-activity monitor for the check of steering column modules.

For testing the steering wheel columns TestMaster®, a LabVIEW™ based testing concept for control and surveillance of testing processes, developed by S.E.A. , is employed. A special interface-box which is separated from the test system, is the core of the testing hardware.

Signal conditioning and capture make use of National Instruments SCXI-components responding to a common NI-DAQ-interface. A NI-CAN-card with two CAN-bus-ports allows communication with the test object.



The hardware abstraction of TestMaster enables a simple adaptation of the test bed onto new models of the test object. Sequence functions for definition and conduction of different test processes can also be expanded easily with LabVIEW. The test results are managed in a SQL-database .

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