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Controlling of Rolling mill cooling trains


For the Company SMS Demag AG S.E.A. was involved in modernising the rolling mill cooling trains of a leading European steel company. S.E.A. developed the monitoring and control software for the manual regulation of the cooling path. A visualization of incoming data and manual failure managing of the cooling line was demanded. S.E.A. developed a manual and also an automated maintenance-mode, the option to select different modes, error indication and a "trend mask" for the process control.


The core of the system is the S.E.A. data management system on a control PC which serves as an operator panel. All main incoming product data from a master PC are processed here.

The frontend process converts the incoming real-time data of the subsystems in logical datastreams and channels. All involved systems communicate via a TCP/IP network. It is also possible to distribute the data to various PC`s.

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