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Assembly control in the automotive production line


In the production of auto-mobile parts the auto-mobile suppliers are subject to absolute quality controls – in particular the production of security-relevant components.

To obtain these demanding controls, well instructed personnel is of major importance.

The risen cost pressure and the necessity of a higher reliability are reasons to automate this process. The manual controls should be substituted by image processing and should be integrated efficiently into the production line.

In this case complex assembly components must be checked for completeness. Contamination with lubrication greases and and a variety of different surfaces constitute a higher range of difficulty.


Software interface with 16 images of the camera controling the assembly part.

The test-bench for quality control with image processing was integrated into the production line. 16 cameras record the components from different viewpoints in the special illuminated test-bench.

A process PC documents and compares the image patterns with required patterns. The System values the completeness as well as the correct execution of the assembly. Parts which require the post-processing are passed automatically to a corresponding line.


S.E.A. developed a solution based on the S.E.A. TestMaster, our software test-platform. Multi- function image processing simplified the configuration of the test parameters. Optionally the IMAQ-Vision Builder from National Instruments can be integrated for a more comfortable adjusting of images.

In each production line one process PC (Windows 2000) communicates via PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus) with the line PLCcontrol (programmable logic controller).The PC contains the IMAQ- frame grabber from National Instruments to operate up to 20 cameras.

lighting control

For controlling the LED lights commonly the National Instruments FieldPoint modules are in use.


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