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cRIO Remote Server Toolkit

The cRIO Remote Server Toolkit allows remote control of distributed CompactRIO systems. Data transfer is managed automatically or on demand. more...

PowerFLUID – Distributed CompactRIOTM Measurement Systems

powerFLUID – the development of mechatronic technologies for energy self-sufficient faucets is sponsored by BMBF. Testing prototypes shows, how the faucets behave under different climatic conditions and how they run with changing water quality. For several month Grohe AG performs field tests to acquire operating data of the prototypes at several sites: Charge and operating conditions, turbine signals or environmental conditions as brightness, water temperature or pressure of the intakes.


powerFLUID rack with hygrometer and faucet (right)

S.E.A. developed a mobile data logging system for signal acquisition to support the Grohe AG field tests.


The central hardware component is a four slot CompactRIO chassis from National Instruments with reatime controller and FPGA. Signal acquisition is done by ComapctRIO IO modules and the respective sensors. The SEA cRIO GSM module handles the data transfer. The data logger is integrated into a mobile rack, with connectors for the faults which only requires power and water supply.


Operation and monitoring of the distributed stations is done via TCP/IP via web browser. The connection can be established locally via Ethernet to a laptop or via GSM, which allows monitoring of the logger functions, measurement data acquisition and system control. The remote control is handled by a server which is equipped with the Remote Server Toolkit.

The powerFLUID data logger matches the requirements to a measurement system for field tests with long term data acquisition. Basing on S.E.A. products the project work was reduced to project specific LabVIEW development and system integration of the data logger.

powerFLUID Rack mit Feuchtemesser und ArmaturGesamtansicht des powerFLUID-SystemsCompactRIO-System mit cRIO GSM Modul von S.E.A.