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The system is realized based on the S.E.A. TestMaster® software
concept and National Instruments™ PXI hardware. The basic functionality is distributed between two computers:

Real Time Combustion Engine Test Cell Solution with TestMaster®


The TestMaster® engine test system realizes a flexible setup for control, operation and supervision of a combustion engine test cell. The engines shall be tested by automated test flows, which include automated measurements as well as manually controlled test steps. The operator shall be guided by the automated sequence during the interactive test phases. The tests can be interrupted and continued in mixed sequences. The test results shall be available as a cumulated test report for individual engines.

It is required that the definition of the test routines and test performance are under full control of the operator.
The technical interface to the test stand has to integrate the measurements of environmental data, test stand infrastructure and engine sensors. It also includes the communication to control units (ECU) of the engine via CAN interfaces.
User definable supervision functionality has to reduce the risk of damaging the engine during the test.



Both computers are running the TestMaster software which is configured for the specific task of each computer.

The PXI system serves as a front end to all signals and is remote operated. This real-time version is based on LabVIEW™ RT. Besides the acquisition and control of the signals all supervising tasks of the system are running on this real-time system. Signals which are connected to the National Instruments interfaces include analog, counter, and CAN signals. The CAN protocols used are SAE J1939 for the ECU-communication and CANopen for distributed sensors available in the test cell.

All signals acquired by the PXI systems are available via a transparent hardware abstraction layer on the desktop computer which is located in the operator room. This PC is operated under Windows XP and serves the user interface for the visualisation of the signals, test flow and results.

The test flow can be defined by customer on this computer. All interactive and automated test operations are performed under control of this unit.

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