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Quality Control of Refrigerators

Household appliances pass through a wide range of quality tests. Refrigerator tests include the determination of the cooling efficiency depending on several environmental temperatures.


The refrigerator tests take place in two climatic chambers with a capacity of 25 spots. The temperature is raised from 20 to 40 °C in between 48 hours. Temperature sensors detect the environmental temperature within the climatic chamber and in different sectors within the refrigerator. The difference of inside and outside temperatures is calculated to detect the efficiency and constancy of the cooling performance.

The samples are identified and checked in by a barcode scanner.


Besides the measurement technology S.E.A. has developed the software to control quality tests of absorber refrigerators in climatic chambers.

The temperature data is acquired by 12 FieldPoint modules with eight sensors connected to each. Data is visualized and stored in an integrated LabVIEW™ data base system.

Software for climate chamber measurements: temperatur profile editor and database view

Data can be displayed graphical or alphanumeric, is then evaluated and written into an ASCII file. The user interface includes functions as refrigerator check in, starting and monitoring the measurement and result displays for each sample or the measurement series. Protocols and results can be printed.

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