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Details: monitoring system with software interface

Quality control in lamp manufacturing


Test stand for quality control

Lamp manufacturing demands test benches with numerous measurement setups. Each setup analyses one lamp with 30 different parameters for current measurement, vacuum pump stations, circumferential pressure sensors, and filling pressure control. This test stand is a part of quality control during the manufacturing process.


Interface with integral statistics

S.E.A. realized the system and the user interfaces for data visualization and data acquisition in LabVIEW™ from National Instruments. For the back up of data a PostgreSQL database is used.

The measurement data of all test units is recorded with a sampling rate of 1KHz and proceeded online. The raw data are dumped and the analog measurement data are cached with a reduced sampling rate. It is possible to archive  the standard degression and the average values of these compressed data.


The front end process converts the incoming subsystems real-time data to logical bitstreams and channels. The data processors communicate via a TCP/IP network. It is also possible to deploy the data to other processors.

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