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Facility Control

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Laser Welding Facility Control


The growing market for telecommunication components demands quick process transfer from development and manufacture to automation and mass production.

Optical components base on laser sources and detectors as interfaces between optical and electrical signals. These transmitters consist of laser diodes with an optical isolator, lens and fiber pigtail. These components have to be aligned and then fixed by laser welding or gluing.

This process demands high standards in positioning (better than 50 nm) and reliability. Loss of quality by automation is not acceptable. Coupling of various functions of facilities - as motion control, imaging, alignment and welding - is an important aspect.

Plant for the production of fiber optic components using laser welding.

TheVersaWeld facilities of Nanosystec for alignment and laser welding of optical components are designed for these requirements. This example of a manufacturing-plant includes the control of 15 linear stages, various CCD cameras, circa 50 actuators and a welding laser with 4 welding heads.



To solve this problem for different customers and production purposes, S.E.A. has developed an OEM software for Nanosystec for production plants in the field of glass fiber technology.

TestMaster® provides mostly required functions for the semiconductor production. Almost every available hardware components for measurement and testing, like welding laser, positioning systems, measuring instruments, cameras, barcode scanners etc. can be applied. Industrial fieldbus systems like PROFIBUS, Interbus, FieldPoint etc. are supported.

The flexible structure of TestMaster enables an easy adaption of the software to customer specific functions and devices of specific VersaWeld facilities. The modular structure of TestMaster enables any combination and coupling of several functions as e.g. edge detection, object identification or autofocus with motion control for achievement of efficient processes.