Language Switching

Language switching as well as convenient installation- and update routines contribute to its use as OEM software for mobile systems. The language switching is realized via the Localization Toolit for LabVIEWLocalization Toolkit

The addon Toolkit for LabVIEW allows worldwide use your software:

  • display of user interfaces in any language
  • change the font type and size of language
  • language switching during operation

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Can-based quality-data-capture for high-tech construction-equipment

Machines for subsoil compaction need to be economic and efficient moreover the operator needs to be well informed about the effect of the roller in an easy-to-understand manner. These demands are necessary to enable construction-equipment to take it's part in quality assurance. In modern transport building it's common to use roller-integrated measurement- and documentation-systems to receive compaction-data through the vibration characteristics of the roller. Such wide range density controls have been proved successful especially in airport-, railway- and highway-construction.


The goal was to develop a measurement and evaluation software used on measurement-rollers. The challenging conditions - temperatures ranging from -40°C to + 70°C, dust, humidity, vibration – as well as the different requirements during operational use on the one hand and evaluative use through the project supervisor on the other hand, demanded flexible and robust hard- and software.

The software should provide a higher efficiency of the roller and simplify the management of construction-data. In addition it should also be possible to store and archive measurement data over a period of years.


The task was realised by a two-part software consisting of a mobile software for the roller operator and a stationary office software for the project supervisor.

The mobile software on the device captures measurement data and informs the operator of the current density of the project area. Therefore the operator is able to select the remaining uncompleted areas and round out the densification process more efficiently.

The mobile roller-software runs on a touch-enabled tablet-PC, mounted in the visual field of the operator.

The Office-software runs on any commercial Office-PC and serves as management-, visualisation- and evaluation-centre for the stored measurement data.